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I'm somewhat cranky right now.


Whoever did that I thank you, it's totally awesome and way cute.

Also I got tagged by deutschtard to do six random facts about me.

1) I can interlock my toes together like people can do with their fingers.
2) I dropped out of school in sixth grade.
3) I received my GED and high school diploma within about a month of each other.
4) The almost year I have spent in this apartment is the longest I have lived in a single place, with the exception of Job Corps, since I was five.
5) I feel horribly disappointed with myself when I get something less than an "A" in a class.
6) School Ties is one of my favorite movies ever.

Mikhale is mean because he hopped offline seven hours ago so someone could make a phone call and hasn't been back online yet and I'm actually working on my Utah fic but I totally need help and it's unfuckingfair.

Also? Even more pissed about the PBFE right now. She comes back and posts one fic before vanishing again? Fuck that shit. Don't be surprised if my next post happens to be me telling ya'll which one I did and how.

And? Anyone on my FList who has even one idea for school-aged Sam and Dean needs to head here and drop a prompt or forty. You don't have to write anything, anyone can just wander in randomly and drop prompt ideas. I highly encourage you all to go and do it.

Fic Things I Need To Do:
Put in my latest scene in Dean On A Boat (The Prequel to Snakes On A Plane) Octopuses are Inconsiderate.
Plot and start my spn_50states fic.
Finish my spn_50states fic by August first.
Write Amanda Mommy!Dean ficlet.
Write Amanda non!cactus spined!Sammich and Dean ficlet.
Find titles for those three ficlets that I need to post.
Do that one Dean EMF meter fic-thing.
Do that one thing about Papa Winchester and abuse that I keep not doing.

Non-Fic Things I Need To Do:
Make that one "Jenny without The Gay" icon.
Make TheLana her "The Cancer of Prison Break" icon.
Find a way to make YSI upload Halfshell's headers so she can actually GET them. My net hates me.
Upload pictures of Daddy and co.
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