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Dude, where's my money?

First off? *Uses icon by carmendove that everyone and their brother loves*

Dude. I crashed about midnight night before last and woke up at 0230 or so. Fell back asleep at 0600 and then woke up again at 1500 or so. DUDE. UNFUCKINGCOOL.

Called Job Corps day before yesterday to help with job hunting and actually talked to Fred Rivera and not his machine. He was my Job Consoler there and I mostly remember him hardly ever being in his office and being hard as fuck to find. Anyway he was supposed to give me a call back yesterday with a list of places, security and otherwise.

Of course I managed to sleep through most of yesterday, yet again, and so if he called and didn't leave a message I don't know. I have to call him today because I'd really fucking like it if I had some money.

Speaking of money? My Financial Aid needs to be here soon.

I would really like it if my financial aid arrived like, today or something. Semester before last it arrived the Thursday before I started classes and I don't even remember when it arrived for last semester.

In other news I heart MS Word because it totally saved the itty bit of nothing I fell asleep on this afternoon. So that means I still have a few of Dean's vague memories of Utah and that makes me happy.

What doesn't make me happy? The fact that I'm totally fucked with my sleep sched again and now Yussie plays Diablo II with people in Australia, so he's on until about 0100 my time. Today (technically) I'm gonna have to tell him that I've totally got to take my comp back, at least for a few days, Utah is due on the first and I should probably start it sometime soon. I'm awake enough not to sleep but fuzzy enough that trying to think up coherent anything for the fic is insane.

Julia should be on soon. So should Mikhale.

Anyone know if there's a way to track you financial aid? Cause I would seriously like to know when I can actually get a pair of pants and my class books and all that school shit.

Oh, and? I'm pretty sure I broke my left thumb sleeping yesterday. It hurts when I put weight on it or move it certain ways. It's the one I can dislocate on my own so I know that's not what happened.

All y'all saw Adventures in Babysitting, right? Did you know that Thor was Vincent D'Onofrio? Bugboy himself in a blond wig.


Fic Things I Need To Do:
Put in my latest scene in Dean On A Boat (The Prequel to Snakes On A Plane) Octopuses are Inconsiderate.
Plot and start my spn_50states fic.
Write Amanda Mommy!Dean ficlet.
Write Amanda non!cactus spined!Sammich and Dean ficlet.
Finish my spn_50states fic by August first.
Find titles for those three ficlets that I need to post.
Do that one Dean EMF meter fic-thing.
Do that one thing about Papa Winchester and abuse that I keep not doing.

Non-Fic Things I Need To Do:
Make that one "Jenny without The Gay" icon.
Make TheLana her "The Cancer of Prison Break" icon.
Find a way to make YSI upload Halfshell's headers so she can actually GET them.
Upload pictures of Daddy and co.
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