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The 'Ask Me A Fucking Question Because I'm Bored On LJ Tonight' Meme

Things I Need To Do:
Put in my latest scene in Dean On A Boat (The Prequel to Snakes On A Plane) Octopuses are Inconsiderate.
Plot and start my spn_50states fic.
Write Amanda Mommy!Dean ficlet.
Write Amanda non!cactus spined!Sammich and Dean ficlet.
Finish my spn_50states fic by August first.
Find titles for those three ficlets that I need to post.
Get to library and download the John the Revelator vid from sacrilicious sometime before link expires on Friday.
Figure out other things to download while there so I don't waste an entire CD on 17MB.
Make that one "Jenny without The Gay" icon.
Make some other icon I can't remember right now.
Make TheLana her "The Cancer of Prison Break" icon.
Find a way to make YSI upload Halfshell's headers so she can actually GET them.
Tags: misc: boredom, to-do list

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