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Okay so. I think I have Five Powers done. It's ten pages and 3,072 words long right now. Julia looked over it for me, and I love her so much because she stayed up until about 0500 her time to help me with it. Mikhale also has a copy but he had to go (School, work, something like that) and wont be back for four or five hours. In four or five hours I'm going to be asleep possibly.

Anyone want to do an ultra final beta real quick so I can post this? The longer I'm left with this and no one to stop me the more the chance is that I'll go through this myself and butcher it. It's Supernatural. Gen. Five AUs.

Also waiting for Mikhale to come back because he's helping me brainstorm for my Utah fic. It's due on the first and in true me fashion I haven't started it yet. I am having some nice plot ideas now though.

Please somebody be up. Pretty please?
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