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'Nother Meme

Sitting in class procrastinating.

Abortion?:I don't have a definate opinion on this, I can see both sides of the coin so...
Death Penalty?:Yes. But only in the most extreme cases.
Prostitution?:Hell yeah, make it legal and make it safe.
Alcohol?:If you wanna drink and you're the right age it's your choice. If you decided to drive then that's a different story.
Marijuana?:Legalize it.
Other drugs?:It depends on the drug. But for the most part no.
Gay marriage?:Make it happen. This is a very accepted form of discrimination and it makes me sick. If you wanna argue it's sacred then do away with divorce, cause that's "unnatural" too.
Illegal immigrants?:I live in Arizona, a large portion of the state is illegal. I have absolutely no problem with it. They come here for a reason, let them stay.
Smoking?:If you wanna do it I don't care, again that's your decision.
Drunk driving?:There's a special place in hell for someone who would so willingly and carelessly endanger strangers lives like that.
Cloning?:Cloning *parts* yes, like say an ear or skin, a whole human though? I don't think we're mature enough to handle that right now.
Racism?:I hate racists. I stand by Idiot-Boy's quote "I'm not racist, I hate everybody."
Premarital sex?:Yep. Especially what with the whole "no-gay marriage" thing.
Religion?:Full freedom. I love learning about different religions, no matter how weird or...unsmart they may be.
The war in Iraq?:Hate Bush. Hate liars. Love the troops and wish they didn't have to be sent out but am hoping for safe returns.
Bush?:Hate the lieing rich little bastard.
Downloading music?:Fuck Lars Ulrich, he has enough money. I'm not gonna spend $20 for 16 songs when I only like 1.
The legal drinking age?:21 is good for me. Course I'm not gonna drink but still...
Suicide?:It's not worth it and it hurts everyone you've ever met whether you know it or not.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!
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