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You have *got* to be shitting me.

Oh son of a bitch.

How the fuck did PB beat SPN for first 'cest wank?

I gotta say, I was looking through this earlier actually and the only thing that kept me from going all bitch-tastic down there is the knowledge that thelana can find a way to kick my ass over the internet. I must say that I really don't like how one-sided that "argument" is and I know for a fact that a large reason why thelana seemed to be the only one for the 'cest links is because the rest of us knew she wouldn't want is to jump in, which is understandable because then angelicus would've probably complained about all of us "ganging up on her."

On that note? I am totally pissed that everyone and their mother is calling thelana names and shit because you know what? It's juvenile and uncalled for and really shows just who the true asshats are.

And? Speaking as one of those authors who never got her stuff linked there? It really does make you feel like shit. Out of all my PB fic only two ever actually had anything 'cesty about them. Out of all my fics, most of which are/were Gen the only one that ever got linked in the newsletter was Five People Sara Didn't Have Wild, Hot, Monkey Sex With. That's it. It really is the kind of thing that can make a new writer not want to write anymore.

I honestly don't see what's so unreasonable about wanting all parts of the fandom represented. I get that some people don't like incest fic, that's understandable. I personally don't like het. I know that's not in the same range so let me put it a different way: I have a strong dislike, some might say it's a disgust, for most T-Bag fics. It's nothing personal, I just don't have the stomach for the amount of brutal rape and pedophilia that comes along with T-Bag and his fics. One could argue very realistically that a newsletter, and the person making it, could get in much more trouble over a fic involving one person raping and murdering an underage child (Yes, LJ counts too) than they could over two consenting adults who are related having sex.

Flowers in the Attic anyone? Hi. Pretty sure V.C. Andrews didn't go to jail over that.

Yeah, you might get bitched at by people for linking to it but you know what? The people who bitch and moan to you for offending them when you aren't the person who wrote it are just morons.
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