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Posting from my new Blackberry. Was posting from my new Blackberry until the battery died. I named him Sammich. He's a good Sammich, just a little tired.

I is a huge Geek.

I've been reading through my Werewolf Encyclopedia for the past few hours and have discovered two things.

I have finally figured out which movie apocalypsos' Curse 'Verse fics (This One Time in a Michelle Pfeiffer Movie...) reference. In the movie Ladyhawk she played a woman who turned into a hawk each day while her lover (that word still makes me fucking cringe) turned into a wolf each night because of a spell cast on them. I feel oddly happy at knowing this now.

The second includes a tiny spoiler from Supernatural 0119 -Dead Man's Blood.

Okay so you remember when Dean said he "usually" drew the line at necrophilia? I was still looking through my book earlier and I came across the entry for incubus. Among the other things it mentioned were various theories on how they got their corporeal forms. One of them? Was the theory that "they inhabit recently deceased corpses and animate them for the purpose of sexual intercourse with the living."

Which brings up several questions to me which have been bugging me for over a year actually, back before Supernatural but which have reared back with a vengeance because of this show.

Incubi generally target women. Succubi generally target men. This goes back to some of the older and more constant myths/theories that these particular demons "harvest" and impregnate for spawning.

Question one is whether there have ever been any "tales" (Outside of crappy movies and porn) of an incubus visiting a male or a succubus visiting a female. I doubt it highly but I am rather curious about it.

Question two is whether anyone has ever heard anything about them shifting. If anyone has ever heard of a succubus shifting into an incubus or the other way around. I also doubt this one but it's worth a try. It'd make sense right, Mom doesn't fall for it so a small shift later and a trip the the teenage son down the halls cures that problem.

I'm sure I had more to say but my brain hurts.
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