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LJ claims another.

Yussie has an LJ! uber_marrow, go over and say hi to him real quick. I promise it shouldn't take too long.

He's had it for less than a full day so far but he seems to be having fun on it so far.

He listens to metal music, plays Diablo II, has a girlfriend who isn't as psycho as she used to be, and is a huge Gamer. PS2, RPGs, Magic: the Gahering, and other Geek stuff. He's also A+ certified, has his GED, is a genuis at math and is one of the coolest people I know (Even if he's an ass sometimes).

I totally sound like I'm trying to pimp out my baby brother, don't I? I don't mean to; I'm just really proud of him.

...Canon!Dean moment there.

Also? I'm still on the Pocket PC so pardon if I misspell.
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