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And now for another addition of Letters.

Dear Person,

I don't mind that you said no to my icons, I really didn't think I was going to be accepted anyway. That being said? I SIGNED UP FOR CONCRIT. That means I would like some fucking tips, why do you offer if you won't give?




Dear Whoever Made the Keypad on this Poclet PC,

Fuck you in the eye with a.mop. And the other eye. With a broom.

You're making me blind,



Dear Dean (Hotass) Winchester,

I less than three you. You are an awesome big brother and a groovy dude and you deserve to be hugged constantly.

That being said? I apologize for everything that is going to happen to you in Five Powers. You're pretty when you hurt babe, it's a fact.


Someone Who Loves You Almost As Much As Sammich Does.
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