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Grr. Argh.

I have this problem. I've been trying to write SPN fic but lately I can't seem to crack 500 words. It's uncool.

I have like nine little things stuck. One is a hundred and eight words while the others aren't even a hundred.

Of these bits (As they are named in the Word File) one is non-Wincest porn, one is Wincest porn, and two are Wincest non-porn. There's also a random on Sammich's lack of sleep and another wherein Dean accidentally scares the crap out of John.

I also have four hundred and fifty-six completely shite words off of a lame-ass idea that just fucking hates my guts.

I also have exactly one hundred words on Dean's fear of Holy Water that sounds less like it's a nine year olds thoughts and more like I don't know how to fucking write. Of course that would be the one with the idea that I like.

To sum up my luck? I have five hundred and seventy-eight words of fake!meta/fake!half!fic on what I think Sammich and Dean's handwriting look like and why.

All that is not including the Five Powers Dean Doesn't Have (Which may never get fucking finished), the one where Sammich goes on an actual road trip with college friends or the one that takes place at Pastor Jim's and keeps bouncing two or three or four scenes in my head.

Oh yeah, and I have thirteen "facts" and growing about my version of Sammich at Stanford. A chunk of these revolve around his roommate and I really want to find a way to fic these or shove them in fic.

Also? I have an entire fake person created for this and he kinda rocks a lot and I feel happy about this, or I would if I could get him to listen to me more. He's a stubborn bastard though.

I also have this sleep scene that I really want to get out because it's this sweet and kinda adorkable and I want to find a way to get it out right.

Watch me avoid for the next few hours!
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