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Ugh. Today is a day of spammage for me, I know it.

I'd add this on to my last post but... Fuck it. I'm just lazy.

I have a question about roommates at a four-year college. First question is whether you get a new roommate each semester/year or if you keep the same one the whole time (Assuming neither of you move, ask to be moved or drop out).

Next question is about summer at four year college that houses out of state students. Let's, for the sake of ease, call this college Stanford.

Say Sammich is currently living in the dorms as an "out of state student." Freshman year is done and classes are about to be let out for the summer. Can he stay in the dorms if he takes summer classes? Can he stay if he doesn't? Are there summer classes at Stanford?

And while we're on the topic of Sammich, and by default Dean, does anyone know what type of handguns they use? I can't name by sight in most cases and most of the time with these boys we don't get good sights on the handguns. I'm almost sure I saw this exact question in one of the comms before but I think I was at the library at the time so I couldn't bookmark it.
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