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Explosions, unpopularity and water balloons.

Happy pretty explosions day!
Asexual slashers. Proof that I am not the lone freak.
Oh no.

Charles Emmerson Winchester the third.

...No good can come of this. Except for when Grandpa Charles removes that foot and a half of large intestine from Dean that that stupid werewolf shredded.
Also? I totally need to do an Unpopular Fannish Opinions thing. I can only do the Supernatural edition though because apparently? All my "unpopular" Fannish Opinions for Prison Break revolve around not liking Sara and... that's actually kinda it. Aside from that I tend to be pretty... something.

  • I liked Sam ragging on Dean's EMF Walkman. [Phantom Traveler]

  • If my brother did something as mind-numbingly Nerdy/Dorky (His cassette-tape walkman. Seriously.) as that I'd rag on him too. It's absolutely genius and the kind of smarts it takes to make something like that makes me melt in all my Nerd spots but seriously. Dean is still Sam's big brother. It's a biological imperative to try and beat siblings down over the things they like. You must destroy them. It very rarely happens and when you actually manage to hit a sore spot, as Sam obviously did here, you feel like shit immediately but you can't let it show because it gives the hurt sibling a spot to jab. Very few things are more dangerous than a hurt sibling. I guarantee that if Sam had said anything about being "sorry" or anything after Dean's face fell that Dean would've pummeled his emotions as payback. Like a hurtful version of "Hold me, Sam" from Scarecrow.

  • I liked Missouri giving Dean shit. [Home]

  • I thought it was kinda funny. And? I like Missouri a lot. Yeah, she was bitchy as fuck to Dean but you know what? She knew he could take it. She didn't tell her customer at the beginning the truth because he wouldn't've been able to handle it. She treated Sam with kid gloves, yeah. Maybe she knew he was still raw over Jessica, maybe she knew that because of his powers this was gonna be a shitty couple of days for him, maybe she didn't think he'd be able to take the assyness like Dean could. We don't really know for sure. We do know for sure that she treated Sam and Dean differently and that she constantly called/referred to Dean as "boy."

    Also worth noting? Dean held himself together pretty good while in Lawrence for the most part. I'm not saying that Missouri made him forget that he loved his mother and that she died horribly and painfully there, but I am saying that maybe he spent a little of the time he would've been brooding and wibbling about Mary complaining about Missouri.

    And while we're on Missouri? A lot of people seemed to have issues with her insulting Dean's intelligence (Something along the lines of "he's not the sharpest tool in the shed."). I'm not gonna bring up the brother thing this time because that's an ill fit. However? I'm thinking that's Missouri's personality when she isn't "faking nice" for the masses. I myself constantly call people on their stupidity IRL. If I'm around someone and they're doing something dumb I'll let them know, and usually not as nice as Missouri did (I tend towards "God you are so fucking inbred" and "get the fuck away from me or I swear I'm gonna fucking beat you" and things like that). So I think Missouri's "fault" there isn't being a "bitch" towards Dean, it's being "sweet and kind" to everyone else.

  • I didn't like Sara(h). [Provenance]

  • She was a ham-fisted attempt at giving Sam a temporary love interest. She's pretty, I'll give her that, but I didn't like her. She said something during the dinner about being shy after her mother's death, something about a cacoon, but nothing else in the ep seems to show that even a little. Upon finding out that ghosts exist and that she may have accidentally helped kill someone she demands to go out with The Boys. Be honest people, would that be your first reaction? Because mine would probably involve denial, tears and then a breakdown once I realized someone was brutally murdered because me/my father gave the killer the keys to her house and the weapon.

  • I don't think Sam is unusually selfish.

  • Covered this in my Emo meta like, a week ago.

  • I like when Dean acts like an "idiot" or a "bufoon." [Nightmare, Provenance, others]

  • Dean chomping down on the mini-dogs in Nightmare and pigging out on all the free stuff in Provenance worked for me. I liked them. I understand that in the case of Provenance it was probably a hammed attempt to show us how "uncouth" Sam and Dean are these boys I mean are not refined in comparison to Sara(h) and the others there but I still liked it. If you don't have a lot of money and you come upon free food you will behave in one of two ways typically. You will either decline for fear of embarrassment (Eating too much, eating too quick, eating "like you haven't eaten in days," etc, etc.) or chow down quickly and try to sneak in as many freebies as you can. Like Dean in Nightmare and Provenance.

    I like it when Dean does something spazzy or dorky or just makes you go "Oh you idiot." We know he's smart. EMF meter anyone? Even if he acts like Homer Simpson for the rest of the series that one thing right there proves that he is a fucking genius when he wants to be. If he lets some common sense slip every once in a while (Forgetting that the gun shoots in Provenance) that's okay, cause everyone does it. And as for mispronouncing "Provenance" a lot? I totally had no idea what it meant either and was pronouncing it wrong before I heard it too. I still mispronounce it every once in a while but that doesn't make me stupid, it just means that I slip on a hard word I rarely have cause to use.

    I'm sure that I have other ones but I just can't think of any at the moment.
    Also? I am curious. See I have all these dumb things I've done, and all these things my brothers and their friends have done but I wanna hear new ones. I'll even trade if you want, one stupid story from me for one from you. I'll start.

    My brothers and their friends climbed on the top of the trailers (Ours and theirs) one Fourth of July and had a massive water-balloon fight across the street. It ended with two friends, one on each trailer, falling off. One fell into a rosebush while the other bounced off of our van.
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