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Panic attack, my weekend and Sam's college roommate.

Hn. Panic attack. Yeah. That was fun.

Okay so I've totally been AWOLish since Friday. Lemme tell you why, and no worries; these are good things.

Friday I took Yussie to a gaming store where he plays in Magic: the Gathering tournaments. I was gonna drop him off and come back but as we got to the car he told me Dad called and said he would meet us there. I told Yussie to let me run back in and grab my laptop or some notebooks or something and he said not to worry because I could use his friend Andrew's laptop or buy time on one of the computers there.

We get there and it's crap, for me at least. It's a gaming store, not a comic/gaming store like Samurai, just gaming. The three working comps where all paid for for two hours when we got there and three kids were playing World of Warcraft with each other. Every other person was playing Magic or fangirling fanboying the others playing it. I'm there for like, and hour and a half or so by the time I call Dad.

Yussie lied. Dad totally didn't say he was gonna meet us up there. He said he "might" swing by that direction. Luckily for me? My Daddy rocks. So he totally came by and brought me his Pocket PC and got me and Yuss Chinese food and sat with us for like, two hours. It rocked. I got to talk to Cheesey too, she got to hear my commentary when I saw an air!lightsaber fight come barreling out of the gaming shop and into the parking lot. It was Geek to the nth degree and so cool.

Also? Both Don't Feed Phil and Cheesey have said that when I mention my Dad they immediately think of John Winchester. Phil even said that he imagined us going out ghost hunting. :D


Saturday was me, Yussie and Jaracob (Jair-ake-up, half Jared, half Jacob) goofing off at Dad's and then trolling around Bookman's and the mall's trying to fins a copy of Diablo II Expansion for the key code. Long story short it took like, all day but we got it.

Today me and Yuss and Steph went to meet Dad at his girlfriend's and then we went up because Dad had to see a guy about some phones. I drove Yuss and Steph to the bank and then we almost ran out of gas so we called Dad to come save us cause we couldn't make it the two miles to him. He gets to us and he's running on fumes too so we end up both driving to the gas station and getting filled up before heading out to the mall.

We wandered around the mall for a while and I saw my friend Liz's stalker, Hope, and this awesome kid me and Yuss knew from Job Corps, Anthony. Anthony totally rocks and I might have this tinsy little crush on him but just barely. Besides, he's younger than Yuss (17) and I think most of my insignificant crush is just based on the fact that he's amazingly cool and gave me $20 to go to the movies one day (I had a free pass out of class and nowhere to go) when most people there wouldn't give someone fifty cents for a soda. Me and Yuss and Anthony traded numbers and then we all went on our way and me and Yuss and Steph and Dad all went and saw Click.

It was good, better than I thought it would be. One part hit me pretty hard though and I really think it had something to do with the previously mentioned panic attack.

After the movie Stephie's Mom threw a bitch-fit and everything kinda went shitty from there. We didn't have time to get food because her Mom's an ass and wanted her at the pool she was at ten minutes from the call. We dropped her off and then Dad got him and me and Yuss Burger King and then me and Yuss came home and Dad went back to his girlfriend's.

Also? Yeah, kinda had what felt like a tiny Winchester moment during all this today.

See, I have all the sense of direction of a drunken Ryouga with a blindfold on. So I was following behind Dad while we were driving, because that's what I do. He can tell me cross-streets all he wants but I'll just be hearing gibberish for the most part. So we're driving and he's switching lanes to get off the highway and I'm trying to do the same thing because I don't know where he's going and he doesn't like me talking on my cell while driving, even with the headset. The asshole behind me, who got on at the exit before this, refuses to let me over and I swear I almost get stranded on the highway. I manage to make it over at the last minute and me and Dad are side by side at the light now.

Here comes the Winchester part. We're side by side with the windows rolled down and he's trying to tell me where I'm gonna go. The guy behind me (Fuckwad who wouldn't let me over, who made me do 80mph onto the short off-ramp) honks his horn at me and I take off because this state has big problems with road rage and I don't need to be shot. So what does Dad do? Pull in behind me (I took off at like, 45mph off the highway going left under an overpass. That fucker had me shaken up), in front of Shit-For-Brains, and then proceeds to to 20mph in front of him.

Come on, if Sam or Dean were driving (Though for Dean it would have to be like right after he got his permit, while he's still new to the whole "I'm driving legally now" thing) and someone did that to them? You know John would get assy on the fucker.

Also? I have all these little... not-quiet stories for Supernatural running around in my head. Less like stories and more like snapshots. And I don't know how to do them really. I know that one or more involve Sam's college roommate who has a half-crush on him that comes from this slightly hysteric obsession he has with trying to find out anything at all about Sam Winchester --Who may or may-not be hands and a head stitched to a flannel for all the skin he's shown anyone anywhere-- and who changed his major nine times in the first semester and another four in the second. Three of those times majoring in English.
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