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Instant Thingies.

Insta-rec. It's Supernatural/Good Omens. WTF are you waiting here for? Go!

Also? Ow. My heart hurts for Dean even more than usual. Comment-fic. Dean's days as a Punk in high school.
I am putting the final touches on the Laundry List now. I made it it's own banner and everything. :D
Me and Joe and Steffie were supposed to go out with Daddy today but Steffie had to go up to Anthem with her family so that didn't happen. Instead we were gonna go tomorrow. But now Ma and CJ are apparently gonna go and renew their vows tomorrow. No offense, and it's not like they know/knew or anything, but I kinda am really pissed at them right now.

I was like... sixteen or seventeen the last time I saw my Daddy. On Monday or something me and Yuss drove out to a Motel 6 near Daddy's halfway house and talked to him for like an hour. Tonight me and Yuss walked across the street (Me in my bra --shut up, it's the jogging kind that looks like a tank-- and sleep shorts with no shoes on) and sat with him in his pick-up for about a half an hour or so.

I really was looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. Because of Ma and CJ and their fucking timing I bet that it'll be afternoon by the time we go to the JoP and get this done.

Apparently you cant get a marriage license on a Sunday. So tomorrow's a no-go for them.
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