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Okay. So I have a phone number I need you guys to call. It's (715) 699-2789. The person who owns this number said I can publicly post it and a plea so long as his/her name is not used. Lets call him/her Mac.

Now see, Mac has never once in his/her whole life received any kinda of obscene phone call. I feel like this needs to be remedied. I would call and porn but that would be awkward what with me having to borrow my brother's cell to do that.

So I need y'all to call. Call Mac and breathe heavily into the phone, talk dirty, be obnoxious, whatever. Just do it. And if you get the voice mail? Leave it in a message. *67 blocks you're number; it's "Anonymous commenting on, IP logging off" but for phones.

Come on, you know you want to.

Feel free to link anyone and everyone to this post, Mac needs phone-sex, even if it's only aimed in Mac's general vicinity.

Also? Mac has totally okay this. That is why Mac does not want to be named.
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