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Laundry Night Inventory update

Laundry Night Inventory has been updated.

16 of 22 episodes have been done.
16 of 22 episodes also have photo-proof (Thank you anteka for helping/completely doing that).
2 of 22 episodes are claimed and waiting for a return.
4 2 of 22 episodes are unclaimed.

Episodes still open for claiming:
0110 - Asylum
0113 - Route 666

0114 - Nightmare
0117 - Hell House

If anyone wishes to claim any of the remaining episodes it's worth noting that my goal is to have this done within the next two days or so so that I may get started on the masterlist.

It would also rock hard if I could get someone to help me with the mathing (To figure out odds such as leather jacket V. denim 34%, green button-down V. red button-down 84%, etc.) for once I get this done.

Also? If someone could tell me that it's insane to make myself a graphic for this little endeavor that would help me tons too.
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