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Under Pressure...

Rescue Me is an awesome show, it's absolutely hilarious and completely realistic. The characters are genuinely fucked up, just like real people. Dennis Leary is my fucking hero man. HE THREW A DOLL OUT THE WINDOW! OF A BURNING BUILDING! And he made the newbie taste the piss to check if it was human. And the seeing of the dead people, and the knowing just how fucked up he really is? And then the chief, with the holding of the dead dog in the middle of the bar? And the sample on the desk? Gah! Just...SQUEE!

Somebody told me...

Okay so there's this song by this band, Somebody Told Me by The Killers and the chorus...Yeah. It...There's this guy I know who went out with a friend of mine--I won't mention who this friend is for fear of a slow and painful death--and... Seriously. Very much a song that would describe...Well. Okay, part of the chorus is "Well somebody told me, You had a boyfriend, Who looks like a girlfriend, That I had in February of last year" and while I know nobody out there in la-la-land is understanding a single word I'm saying just trust me that if I could tell all the details you would think it was funny too. And that I'm a huge asshole. Both of which are right.

Randomness (Happened and transcribed at 7:42 pm 7-28-04)

Midget: You can't tell me what to do! You're not my father!
Me: You're so special!
Midget: You're not my Uncle! I already have one! I don't need another one!
Me and Heather: **Laughing uncontrolably**
Midget: I'm telling! Stop laughing at me! I'm telling! What's so funny?
Heather: What did you say after "You're not my uncle?"
Midget: What? Why? What's so funny?
Me: **Laughing so hard she catn;' type staright**

Liz (Aka Snuggles): Man I miss being around you guys.
Me: Speaks the woman behind the door.

Random Abandoned Test Thingee

Apparently I took this when I had Semagic full of something possibly serious. So instead of Notebooking it (Like I do now) I favorited it. I really need to clean out my files man.



I miss Daddy, and Bryon, and Mommy. I may possibly have the chance to see Mommy on Sunday morning. I want to see her but I don't want to because I know I'll forgive her for everything immediately and I don't want to do that. I just want to lay down and use my Mommy for a pillow--which incidently I've done maybe twice with her.


I've snuggled up all hurt-kiddy-like with my best friend more times than with my mother. I have known my Mother for eight-teen years and I have known Pissy for six. It says something that I'm more comfortable expressing something usually equated with an emotional feeling with Pissy than with my own Mother.

Now I feel even worse. God I'm fucked up. Not my life, me. I just want to clarify that so nobody reading this thinks I'm some whiny little baby who complaining about her poor life--because I've got it hella good now and I know it because I've been to the bottom and this is about the highest I've ever been on the societal ladder.


4:01 pm, MST 7-30-04
All hell broke loose last night in #139 (My room).

Midget, the cute little roomie we have, everybodies favorite cute little sister, got promoted. This is not a good thing for various reasons. Among them is the fact that she didn't want to leave this room, she didn't want to be promoted, and she actually begged not to. They did it anyway. She is fucking terrified of the dark (So much worse then I am, to the point where she kinda shocks herself out), we kept both our desk lights and a lava lamp on, along with a stereo (No one in the room can sleep in absolute silence) for her so she wouldn't freak out. Her new roomies can't sleep with any lights on what-so-ever.

Midget has been in tears since last night.

Michelle's life went straight to shit. Her ex is threatening to call CPS on her, saying she can't take care of her daughter, her mother almost makes my Mom look nice, and she owes money she doesn't have to some sneaky bitch she bought make-up from.

Michelle has been in tears since last night.

Today I walked into my room and Rosa and Midget were crying together on Rosa's bed. We are all pretty damn close but they are likethis.

Going now to PT. SHould be interesting seeing as how I've been standing since 2 o'clock.
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