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Fucking PMS. Fucking emo. Fucking insomnia. FUCK.

Oh my God. See fic like this is what I miss about Smallville fandom. I have literally spent almost the entire day reading this and I am happy for it.

"Texas: It's like a constant blowjob here. The kind with teeth and more drooling than suction." --Elissa (First part) and I (Second part).

I seem to have caught the emo. Ugh. I think I'm PMSing. I need steak and I want to read happy!fic and I have new holes in my arms from scratching at them. No tears yet so no full-fledged panic attacks but I've come pretty fucking close. Also two weeks ago Ma said we could go to Wally World. Originally we were gonna go and get sticky-tabs to put up the posters I took down for no reason but now we have to get food too. For the past... Week or so Mom's been saying that we'll go food shopping "tomorrow." I'm thinking I'm gonna be eating ramen for a few more days.

I've been approved for Financial Aid. This is good. I can't sign up for classes yet. This is bad. Last fall I rented a calculator from the college and forgot to take it back so I have to do that tomorrow. Yes, Last fall, sometime in September, I borrowed a calculator from the college and I still have it. When I procrastinate I turn it into an art form.

Also I missed my OT5 tonight because Julia crashed out early and the internet fucking hates me. Seriously, the amount of times I get knocked off and the frequency is unfuckingreal.

There are nine episodes left to chart on The Laundry List. angstslashhope totally offered to host the list on Super Canon and that's just really fucking cool.

My Bookmarks are a fucking MESS and I think I'm about to fix them now. Also I need to DL the latest Mozilla because I fucked the one I have now and it keeps going all shitty on me. How do I know I did something? Cause I haven't heard Yussie bitch about it yet so I'm pretty sure it's only happening on my side.

My insomnia is why I am a member of 231 comms. Because at night when no one is updating I start roaming around and join random comms I think look kinda interesting or have a few posts I might like.
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