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Failing clothes ahead.

Yes, I'm still awake and yes I'm making another post. I'm bored; fucking deal with it.

I think I know part of the reason why I'm so hesitant to work on my Five Powers fic. "Twelve Times [...]" was only the second SPN fic I ever did (Faulty Wiring totally doesn't count and oddly it's the Michael voice that makes me cringe) and lots of people liked it. Lots of people recced it even. I don't want to sound like some deluded retard who's afraid of "letting down her throws of fans" with a bomb or something cause that's not what it is. I'm totally spazzing that either people will just plain-out not like it or that they will refer to it in the way I've referred back to old fics in mostly-defunct fandoms: "Oh yeah, she did that one story, right? I liked that one. Everything else was kinda shitty but that one was good."

I think I had more coherent things on this but I am SO fucking tired right now.
Also I want to go through every episode of Supernatural and make a note of all the clothes Sammich and Dean and John (When we see him) wear on the show because I love how the clothes reappear a lot like they really don't have a lot. I'm totally gonna have a list of all their clothing (Minus socks maybe) eventually. It's just a matter of if I'm gonna do it on my own or if I can recruit anyone who happens to be reading this for an episode or two maybe.
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