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Almost five in the morning on a Monday and I'm still awake.

Oh Jenny. No.
Done with my sister, jadetate's thing. Got her a few nice icons to start with and switched her layout out of notebook and joined her to a bunch of comms. If anyone's got any other comm recs for her leave 'em here. Among her main fandoms are any and all Power Rangers shows, The Tribe, BtVS, A:tS, CSI: Vegas, Smallville, LotR, and Star Wars (Episodes I-III).

Oh yeah, she's a Wincester too. My cheer leading, Power Rangers loving, slash-reading sister is a Wincester. *Sniffs* I'm so proud!

Also? Snorelax? SPN already has a pretty big award thing going on right now, The Lawrence Awards, in which I totally got a nom for one of my fics. I cannot truly state how awesome that is.
Where the shit is everyone today? There's been like, fucking no one online doing anything today.
Did not write a single fucking word of fic since I woke up. Totally didn't even make an graphics either. It's so weird to be in OT5 and not make any icons.
Today was fucking creepy boring. Unfucking cool. Also? Not only did I not leave the house but I think I only left the room like... six or seven times all day.

Totally cleared off a bunch of junk on my desktop though. I actually have a wallpaper on it! Supernatural now has it's own folder like Prison Break does. It's still nowhere near as insane as the PB folder though.
I totally have a chicken, bacon and onion pizza sitting like, two feet away from me and I don't wanna move to get it.
I think I've figured out why I like Jared Padalecki so much. Aside from the fact that his name is fun to say.

Jared is, as I often call him, a "giant, hyper, mountain of puppy."

Jared smiles a LOT. Like constantly. He's a giggling doof really.

Jared has hideous taste in clothing. Pink paisley shirts, the bestest holey jeans ever, an insane love for flip-flops... It's obvious that he dresses himself, and it's even kinda cute in an "Aw, lookit the li'l huge dork" way.

I'm just saying, my last obsession was (And still is if he'd ever come out of fucking hiding) with a hyper, smiley dork who thought table-cloths made outstanding shirts. And also jumped all over his costars like Jared did in that one famous picture.
Speaking of idiots I was totally supposed to give this picture to Smidgey like, a month and a year ago but kept fucking forgetting to upload the damn thing.

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