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On proper drug use in fanfic. So much word. Speaking as someone who hasn't personally done drugs but has seen many other people on many types of drugs? I can't usually bring myself to read fics involving drug use. The first reason is personal, drugs are a very big part of everything I hate and I tend to automatically dislike the character using very heavily. The second part is because a lot of the time it's done ridiculously. Now remember, I said I don't like to read drugfic so I admittedly don't have a lot to reference but... Yeah, not gonna go into it now cause I want to do more in this post.

Part of the more? Is alcohol. I know for a fact that alcohol doesn't work the same on everyone. My little brother? Doesn't get hangovers. He, Andy, and a friend of theirs got trashed on Wild Turkey a bit ago. The three of them downed an entire bottle in a matter of hours. Joseph was fine in the morning, same amount of bitchy as always, no nausea, nothing. Andy, who is 6'1 and 350 lbs was still drunk enough in the morning that everything was "slower." He also had a headache but him and Joseph had been beating each other all night so I think it was more that then the alcohol.

One of the things to remember is tolerance. As we were told in our third week Drug Class: tolerance means it takes more to get high, tolerance means it takes more to get high, tolerance means it takes more to get high. And yes, we had to repeat it three times first thing in the morning for a week. What this means is that when you first start out? One hit/one beer/one shot/one gram/whatever is what'll effect you because you have no tolerance. The more you use/drink the more it will take to effect you.

This means that if you have been smoking crack for five years it'd probably going to take more than a dime bag to get you high.

Tolerance lowers though. Which means if you stop doing whatever drug you use for years and get clean and then you start using again? You're not gonna need the same amount you used to, and if you try the same amount you're probably going to OD.
Another person asked how everyone writes.

I write like I need a helmet. Seriously, I'm all over the fucking place, the only constant is that I need sound (And that's more of a me thing than a writing thing).

If I have an active fic going I wont read stories. I'll bookmark like a mofo but I wont read. I tend to plan them out loosely in advance but the level of detail really varies. Usually it takes me weeks or so to write a fic but sometimes if the idea hits me right I can rattle off ficlets (Like this one and this one for jetpants).
In other news I totally joined revisit_me. All me stuff is up for grabs; who wants a go?
spn_porn. Best. Meme. EVER.
Oh. I just realized that Dean dresses just like his Daddy used to. My ovaries. Ow.

Leather jacket with the collar pulled up over a button-down flannel over another shirt. Aw.
ETA: *Hugs mood icon*
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