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Sofa. King. Boring. Still.

Apparently there was a scene in the Supernatural pilot that never got filmed that explained a common question. The "answer" is so simple that it's really Superman Theory at work. I can't think of a single person who thought of this in their never ending quest to answer this question. I still like my answer better though, mainly because I thought of it.
ferrynheitCheesehead, I'm sorry, I totally crashed out last night while talking. Again.
Someone totally just had Dean call Sammich "Sammich" in an apocalyptothon fic. I cannot properly describe the insanely giddy cackle/giggle I did for around a full minute.
Looking through spnstoryfinders, like I sometimes do, and just came across this phrase in a fic description:
[...] then proceeds to f**k him like a champion [...]

And of course being the Whedonite that I am I totally suddenly had this image of Lindsey under Angel just taunting the fuck out of him ("Come on, aren't you supposed to be a Champion? Fifteen year old girls fuck harder than you!").

I blame this entirely on Chris Kane.
I may try and start my PBFE today.

But I'll probably beg to be allowed to take my brother to see X3 first. I seriously hope I'm allowed and he wants to go, I don't do movies alone.

Never mind. Scrap that.
*Throttles PBFE prompt* Why, why, why was I not more specific? *Headdesk*
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