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Random as usual.

Got season 3 of Scrubs on Monday from Grandma cause I got all A's.

Have totally been feeling the Chicago Pride lately.

So hungry.

So bored.

Need to finish the last part of the 0103 Bible Entry for spn_heavymeta.

Need to finish Five Powers Dean Doesn't Have.

Need to start my PBFE.

Need to fucking eat something! Nothing to eat of course because my idiot mother wants to wait until it's closer to CJ getting out to go shopping. He gets out on Tuesday and right now we have french fries and tortillas. I love my mother but this whole "I have no food" thing is starting to make me an even crankier bitch.

It's funny, I coulda swore the PBFE was for July, I swore I remember thinking "Hey, it's due on Andy's birthday!"


Heh. At 19 Jared Padalecki looked like he was like, 14. And Jensen at 23? Looked maybe around 18 or so.

I'm so totally thinking the Winchesters were the opposite of my family looks-wise. Every last one of us always look/looked older than we were/are. I'm thinking Sammich and Dean have always looked younger. I think Dean got carded up until he was about 24 or 25. He's had a fake ID since he was about 15 though so it's never been a problem aside from embarrassment.

Both of my brother's have passed for early to mid-twenties since they were fourteen. I turned 12 and was 5'11, then I turned 14 and was a 36C, no one ever believed me when I told them my age. But still people think I'm fucking with them when I say Joseph is the little brother.

Oy fucking vey.
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