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8mm and Abruzzi snuff.

8mm is on the WB right now. Joaquin is fucking hot. Especially with the blueish hair in this. Mm.

Apparently I don't update on Sunday's much.

I watched Scarecrow, Faith and Route 666 with Phil today.

Route 666 keeps getting worse and worse. It still has some cute bits though. And I love some of the quotes.

Me and Ma were talking about Chicago and accents tonight an' shit. Apparently people ask where she's from a lot or say "You must be from Chicago." I don't think she has an accent but apparently other people do. I used to get people asking me where I was from at Job Corps a lot too and heard more than one person tell me my "accent was slipping."

It's not an accent.

And while we're at it? It's "Ill-in-oy" not "Ill-in-oyS," "shi-caw-go" not "shi-cya-go" and we do not say out "Os" weird.

I did a drabble yesterday on Dean and holy water and I have five paragraphs of a College!Sammy freakout sitting in the same doc but aside from that I haven't written in a few days. I needed a break from That Fic because it was bugging me.

Speaking of? I need more help. I've got two different takes on one of the powers and I don't know which one to go with. Someone up for checking them out and weighing 'em for me? It would rock hard and possibly get my ass in gear to get the shit on motion again.

I KNEW IT! PETER STROMARE IS IN THIS! I totally knew that was his voice. Ha.

Edit: Check it out! OTP
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