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Rest In Peace and other stuff

Rest in peace Amanda, and know that you touched many lives.
omichan, also known as Amanda Myrlene Fleetwood died July 15th, 2004 at 8:10am
This is the post in her journal where her girlfriend announced it.
More info
Go here now. Especially if you live in Texas.

Fandom Boys Will Do Boys... Thanks to us...
What Pairing popped your slash cherry?Goku/Vegeta
Condoms in fanfiction, Yes or No?Yes
Positions? A few
Twosomes, threesomes, moresomes?Twosomes with some threesomes and maybe a moresome here and there
Orgasms in fanfiction: simultaneous, bottom first, or top first?Not simultaneous, it just doesn't happen. Bottom or top first though would depend on who topping who.
Vampires: Well endowed, average, or petite?All ranges, they were human once too you know (I'm just no fun).
Force: necessary, enjoyable, or disgusting?Force as in rough or as in *force*?
Biting: necessary, enjoyable, or disgusting?Very enjoyable, sometimes necessary.
Love: necessary, possible, gets in the way?Usually, though sometimes it's just sex.
Lube: water, silicone, petroleum, blood, semen, none or other?Okay, I tend to like realism so blood and semen and water? Notsomuch. Petroleum? Haven't actually seen it yet. Silicone? Thinking of Pam Andersons tits now.
Masturbation: only in emergencies, good practice, fun for the whole family?Fun, but not for the whole family, there are some images even I don't need.
Blow jobs: First times, experts, whores, no need to breathe?First times are good if they aren't automatically a sex-god.
Semen: Hate it, like it, love it, its their only food source?Since every guy in every fandom seems to like to swallow I actually enjoy reading someone who doesn't every once in a while.
You like you're men: Gay, bi, vampsexual, or straight but into one guyGay followed by Bi, the whole "Straight but into one guy" thing pisses me off though for a few reasons.
Relationship status: fuck buddies, lovers, master, slave, Status? there's a relationship?Lovers, followed by questionable status, followed by fuck-buddies.
Roles: man/woman, man/man, dom/sub, top/bottom?M/M 4evar!!!!11OMG!!onE!
No options with these... just type the first thing that comes to mind.
Favorite Slash PairingJust one? VM/OB tied with EW/OB (LoTRPS) right now.
Most Slashable CharacterOrlando Bloom.
Least Slashable CharacterGollum (Anyone who directs me dies a slow and bloody death.)
Best Fic genre?Drama (That is) and Humor (That's funny)
Worst Fic genre?Incest (No Gondercest! My eyes!)
Most over-used fic genre?Angst (That isn't)
Lube?Lord of the Rings brand water-based KY sweat
Glans?(Lack of thought for a few moments followed by:) Oh
Head?Butt (Hee)
The naughtiest thing that crossed your mind while writing this survey?The...terms? of being bilingual (Much worse than it sounds)

Create a survey!

The bilingual comment is from The Happy Hooker Goes To Washington--which surprisingly isn't a porno. It's a really shitty movie that I watched on HBO one night a while back at like 3 in the morning.
In the beginning The Happy Hooker herself is reading a letter from someone who says he/she (Don't remember which) likes giving oral sex to both men and women, but doesn't find the same sex sexually attractive, "Does that mean I'm gay?" The Happy Hooker's response? "You're not gay, you're just...bilingual!" Which has always stuck with me. And then I read this last night and it came running back.

New game!
Me and sanrei came up with a game while walking to lunch yesterday. It's started with him saying "It smells like popcorn and tastes like butter." And has evolved into a fucked-up word association.

Example (My favorite one):

Me: Smells like Pippen, tastes like Merry!
sanrei: Smells like Merry, tastes like Making.
Me: I still like that one.
sanrei And Pippen was attached to it earlier.
::Blink followed by laughter::

sanrei said "Smells like milk, tastes like Vengeance!" which is where we left off.

Smells like Vengeance, tastes like Cough Syrup.

Song List
Okay so I got bored in class today and started this Song List Thingie. Actually I was thinking up fake song and band names a while back and this struck me and stayed. Twenty-Six Songs About Love (Or the lack thereof). It just sounded really cool to me, so now I've decided to make a comp list of love/lust/hate songs, one for each letter of the alphabet (Though I'll probably make a few of this in different genre's or just because). Here's what I got so far:

Letter = Song Name (Band) - Type of Love/Lust/Hate Song
A = Always (Saliva) - Abusive Love
B = Better Man (Pearl Jam) - Abusive Love
C = Closer (Nine Inch Nails) - Lust
D = Don't Speak (No Doubt) - Break-up
E = Every Breath You Take (The Police) - Stalking
L = Last Kiss (Pearl Jam) - Death of a love

For "T" I'm not going to use anything starting with "The" because that would be a cop-out. Anyone who wants to help can feel free.

Plans for today/this weekend
Out early today so everybody and their sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell sheep is napping right now. In about a 1/2 hour I'm gonna wake seven_flower and we're gonna head to the Art Room and print out a shit-load of pictures. Then at 6 we're going to the movies. We'll probably see Spidey 2 again cause she hasn't seen it and I loved it.

Friday I have physical therapy (More in a moment), Saturday might be a Rocky night but that's still kinda up in the air, and Sunday I'm either going to A) A pool party. B) Visit my Mother. or C) Visit Bryon. Not sure which at the moment.

Knee Update
I know have PT 3 days a week for one hour a day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5-6 pm), and I have exercises I have to do twice a day (Which I've kinda been not doing...) until at least September 10th (Because by then we should know if/when the surgery is gonna be).

I also managed to set up my rides there and back until then, because let me tell you calling your insurance company every other day during lunch isn't that fun.

Random Act of Stupidity
Apparently my roomie Rosa and her boyfriend were walking down the street a while ago and saw someone with two walking casts on his legs hobbling down the road. Rosa's boyfriend immediately turned to her and loudly exclaimed "Mafia." And then the previously mentioned victim gave them the glare of death. I think it may have hit a little too close to home.
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