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Sammich Music

Okay, so I went to try and post Sammich's iPod music last night but eleven pages MS Word coded is apparently much more then the allowed 64k per entry. In fact 64k is actually very small MS Word coded for tables.

Luck for all y'all I made a comm in the way back for testing layout and crap like that so I had somewhere to post the list without spamming you guys. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 posts is what it took, and a Web Page saved upload of the whole friggen' thing.

So I've got a ton of music so far and some tentative ideas for his mixes but I could always use more of both.

Sammich's Mixes
Fuckhead's Fault = All the "crap" music that Dean listens to. If it sounds like Dean would listen to it it's in this mix.
Stupid Jerk(s) = Anything that reminds him of Dean and/or Dad. Includes tons of Emo shit.
Jess = Anything that reminds him of Jess.
Jess's Music = All the crap he tells everyone is hers. Includes any music he would rather commit hari kari than admit knowing all the words to.
Study = Songs to study to. Needs new name.
Blah, blah, Girls, blah, blah, Overcompensation = Songs to blare while ignoring Dean (Usually while he's talking or hogging the stereo).
I Was Adopted = Angry tantrum music. His way of slamming a door.

The problem? Is that he needs more music and he needs more mixes. Mostly the mixes. Help?

And yes, some of the music is on there just to fuck with Dean or just for Dean to find and torture him about. Hence Vanessa Carlton and Avril Lavigne. You have no idea how tempted I was to put in Spice Girls just to doom him.
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