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CW orgy dictionary entry.

Not sure what channel the CW is gonna be in your area?

Check here.

Phoenix Peoples: WB61 will be changing to CW61.
Tucson Peoples: WB58 will be CW 58.
Seriously. The entire CW lineup had a giant drunken orgy last night, right? Everyone looks just fucked and hungover and unshaven and just disheveled beyond disheveled.

I love those people so much!
Vocab for today:

Pauser (Paw-zer) Noun.

A Pauser is someone who wants to be something else and fakes it badly; superficially.

A Tweener-like Pauser would "dress black" and "talk black" but would have little-to-no knowledge of anything, he'd have no clue about rap aside from whatever the Top 3 songs are, he's have no clue who Tupac or Notorious B.I.G. is and he'd probably never have known that Ice T or Ice Cube were ever anything but actors.

A Pauser is even worse than Tweener.
Superman Theory (Soup-er ma-n thee-or-EE). Noun.

The Superman Theory is when you try so hard to find the answer to something that you end up dismissing it because it's so simple. Like why Clark Kent gets all the Superman exclusives.
Urban Dead is addictive fun! I blame this on Ferry.

Also? Talked to Ferry for like... six hours or so last night. SO. COOL.

Have been working on Sammy's iPod mix since last night. Nine pages and counting, a ton of songs. The song list will be posted soon.

I should totally send bits off to Beta more often, I've been more productive in the last like, 18 hours than I have been in about a week or so. Maybe. I think.
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