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Sugary painy goodness.

I have like, 20 ounces of Peanut Butter M&Ms. Nummy.
I shaved my legs today for literally the first time in months. It's been so long because ever since I hurt my knee two years ago I haven't been able to stand on it without a brace that covers most of my leg. This makes it much harder to do. I spent an hour doing it today and I cut myself up all over. Ow.

My legs are smooth and now they don't sting as much anymore.
I want pixie stix now.
The Michael in my head keeps trying to make the Dean in my head shoot beer out of his nose.

He's done it twice so far. Once by talking about Linc and another time by something even I don't fully get yet.

My muses have in-jokes that I don't know about.

And Michael keeps referring to Sam as "Flicka." And Sam keeps saying that he swears he knows Michael from somewhere and Dean keeps making jokes about German websites.

Stupid muses.
I once played a game of D&D where we got attacked by zombies. I cut one in half, tied a rope around it and dragged it around as a weapon to beat things up with.

I totally got an Experience Bonus just for thinking of that.
In my head? I totally wanna make Jess a Psychology or Sociology major just because I think that would be awesome and you know she'd be trying to analyze Sam and trying not to at the same time.
Ferry thinks me and Smidgy should make a dictionary.
I am 12 ounce of Peanut Butter M&Ms short now because I gave a bag to Yussie.
I started this like, a while ago. Hours even.
My brother gets the icon cause me and Ferry are talking about games and him how cool he is and stuff now.

Seriously, he's like Dean except without any of the Hot or Sexy.
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