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Explain your LiveJournal name and its meaning. When you're done, tag as many people as there are letters in your name.

Clex come from before Smallville actually. It was the name of a character I made in the way back. He was an alternate future version of Superboy, hybrid clone and all and he was named C.L.E.X. which was short for something long and Comic Books gimicky. It fit double when I came on because I was pretty big on Smallville but winding down on it, due to lack of an accessible TV, by the time I got this LJ.

Monkie is... Joseph is Yuss-Monkie, Brandon, my nephew, was Monkey... It's a family thing. And I had a good friend, Anthony, who went by the name Monkey too. The misspelling was just... I did it on purpose but I don't think I remember why. Funny thing? Around a year or so after I got this I made another friend who went by, you guessed it, Monkey. If you're parents named you Lionel Francis you'd go by Monkey too. It turned out he was the femme version of my and I was the chick version of him. Monkey was totally fucking cool. Both of them.

89 is me being a Geek it's the Smallville version of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. 1989 is when the meteor shower happened and Clark landed and it was Clark's jersey number for that hour he was on the Football team in 0103 and it's the Smallville reference that nails it in.

Sofa king tired.
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