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Ganked from mailea

Age: 0-5 [Toddler]
When were you born?:April 22, 1986
What was your first word?:No idea, but I was told I was all silent for a long time then spoke a full sentence.
What was your favorite television show?:Winnie The Pooh and Pee Wee's Playhouse
What was your favorite movie?:Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Do you have any siblings?:Yes.
If so, give their names and ages::Not enough space. *BIG* fam.
Did you have any pets?:A dog named Chewba and fish that got eaten by Bryon's Shark-Fish
Did you have a best friend? Who?:Nope.
Did you have a favorite relative?:Cousin Zack.
What is the most memorable moment from these years?:Laying in bed screaming cause I was in pain and couldn't move. I was 2 and it was my Arthritis.
Age: 6-12 [Childhood/Preteen]
What was the name of your elementary school?:Kyrene De Los Ninos, Wood, Thew, L.C.K, and I think one more I can't remember...
Did you get a boyfriend/girlfriend during any of these years? Who?:2. Bud and Chris, but Chris may have been when I was 13...
What was your favorite year of elementary school? Why?:5th grade, Ms. Carrera's class. She was cool.
Who was your favorite teacher?:See above
Who was your least favorite teacher?:Um? I got along with my teachers okay, Prinicpal hated me though
What was the reason for your first detention?:Never had detention. Just suspension and expulsion.
Who was your best friend during these years?:Chelsea.
What was your favorite television show?:I don't remember, I don't think I watched a lot of TV then
What was your favorite movie?:Changed a lot, I liked Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure though
What was your favorite song?:Didn't listen to music much.
What is the most memorable moment from these years?:Mom and Dad being arrested the first time (Together that I rememmbered).
Age: 13-16 [Teenager]
What high school did/are you go(ing) to?:L.C.K., Carson, Life School COllege Prepratory: Downtown Campus, Pappas, West Valley Phoenix Regional (Now w/o "West Valley" in title), and Phoenix Job Corps
Who was/are your best friend(s)?:Chelsea, Crystal, TaYam, Dustin, Little Michael, and Tasha
What was your favorite class?:Reading/English and Art
Who was/is your favorite teacher?:Mr. Cooper followed by Ms. Laliberte
Who was/is your least favorite teacher?:Mr. Lee the teacher/Principal of Life School...
Who was/is your boyfriend/girlfriend during these years?:Possibly Chris for a while. Alone now and very cool with that.
What was your most prized possession? Why?:My 4 Winnie The Pooh bears, because one I've had for 16 years now (His stuffing is thinning, I really want to find out if I can get him fixed) and they've survived a lot.
Were you ever suspended or expelled? Why? [Naughty Naughty!]:Fighting, Missed days, having my hair an unnatural hair color (Don't ask), and more fighting and missed days.
Were you still a virgin during these years?:No
What was your favorite television show?:Smallville, BtVS, X-Files, and various other stuff
What was your favorite movie?:So very many...
What was your favorite song?:Again with the many thing... I'm an indeciesive person who can't spell indeciesive.
What is the most memorable moment from these years?:Parents being arrested again, running away from Mom, and hoofing it with Dad. *Then* Dad being arrested.
Age: 17-18 [Young Adult]
Still going to the aformentioned high school? If not, where?:Phoenix Job Corps
Did you get into any major fights with your parents?:I'm currently not speaking to My Mother, does that count?
Did you ever make-up?:Not yet...
Who was your best friend(s)?:Chelsea, Crystal, Andy, Heather, Addie, and Aiden,
Did you have any pets?:No
What was your favorite class?:Security
What was your least favorite class?:Math
Who was your favorite teacher?:Thom. The one who teaches Security, after him it's Ms. Quinn
Who was your least favorite teacher?:Celina
Did you graduate? What year?:Not yet
What was your favorite television show?:The Law and Order Shows (Though I don't get to watch TV anymore), and Quantum Leap
What was your favorite movie?:The LotR Trilogy
What was your favorite song?:Right now? I don't knwo. I always have a plave for 99 Red Balloons though...
What is the most memorable memory from these years?:Hmmm...most memorable since April...tearing my ACL left/is leaving an impression
Age: 18+ [Grown-Up]
How old are you now?:18
Do you miss your childhood?:Dear hell no
Do you feel old?:I'm one of the youngest people I know on campus. I wish I felt old.
Do you now, now that I've asked?:Nope.
Are you glad that this quiz is over? Why?:Yes. I really *do* need to sleep...

Remembering the Good Ol' Days brought to you by BZOINK!
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