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Special Sooper Sekrit Message to Ferry:

His name is Barack Obama and he's awesomely awesome. I totally woulda told you in your journal but I have now been up for... about 37 and a half hours. And my brain hurts. And my net keeps kicking me when I try to load your journal.

I think I backspaced even more than you in this entry because my OCD trumps your OCD by like, a google.

Hee. There's a drunken Ferry on my FList right now. :P

Gyah. My brain aches.

It's 2239 right now and I think I may attempt to try and stay up to 0100 so I can see Conan. Conan comes on at midnight here so... Yeah. Whatever.

I'm hungry and I'm thirsty and I cannot seem to bring myself to do much of anything involving moving.
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