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27 hours awake right now.

Joseph: Dude, turn it to 61, The Jackel's on.
Ma: The movie?
I: *Change channel and see some guy in a halo*
Joseph: Check out the dude in the head cage.

Ladies and gentlemen, my brother.
I hate the way I write. I really, really do. I read one of my fics today, because I do it every so often to try and find my soft spots and see where I need to improve, and I just hate it so much its insane. I hate they way I wrote it and the style I wrote it in and I'm resigned to the fact that I will always think this way.

Writing makes me want to draw. And that makes me even sadder because everyone I know can draw phenomenally and I... Can't. And I don't really know what I want to draw either. And I don't really have any time to draw because it takes me so long just to do one picture. I'm talking weeks before I feel kinda comfortable with it usually.

Ma's home till Monday so I still may try sometime this weekend.
I have an entire page of tidbits I want to shape into a story somehow. This is my carrot at the end of The Dean Fic.
I'm currently procrastinating by organizing my SPN Fic Folder. It's the only one I have that's all messy and that's being fixed right now.
I totally just made pants for Dean.
I should probably work on that stupid fic some more, huh?
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