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Why must there be so much boredom right here?

One of Phil's roommates got sent home for a week because he has Poison Oak. On his balls. *Shakes head*
Still working on The Evil Fic. Got my copies back from fiddleyoumust and jillybinks. I'm adding some bits and doing some things and then sending it back to you guys, so this is your warning. This thing is really starting to fucking bug me. I really can't wait to get this over with so I can do the War Wounds fic and this other bunny that attacked me a few days ago.
Mom's done with work until Monday. She's got all her hours done up till then and they aren't offering overtime this week.
CJ gets out on the 30th and Mom says we're gonna take off early enough to get there at 0800. Ma says we may go stay a few days in Sedona or something. I'm spazzing quietly on the inside. And totally gonna bring my laptop cause I can't deal with the whole "no net and new people for who knows how many days" thing.
Made a list of things I want to buy and an upwards estimate of the prices.

[New] Laptop - $1500
Digital Camera - $300
iPod (Maybe) - $400
PB S1 - $75 (Aug)
SPN S1 - $75 (Sept)
Something for Ma - $200 (What to buy?)
Grand total = $2,600

The laptop is a must, as are the box sets, the other things are just goals/ideas.

I need a job. One that doesn't require me to stand for five or more hours at a time. Anyone know of a customer service job in Phoenix?
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