BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Too tired for Astrix Spacers, deal with it.

I am still awake.

I have to stay up for at least another three hours so I can go to the bank and put in rent for Ma today.

I will be so pissed if I sleep through Prison Break.

I've hardly done anything to my fic, it's being stubborn on me and the more I read what I have the less I like it. Ugh.

I spent the last few hours reading a Supernatural/Bones crossover that was actually okay. It wasn't great but it was good. Suffered from exposition a few times and was a bit muddled in places but not that bad. Fun read with just the right level of Fucked Up for SamandDean (One word here) and pretty good voices. Bones herself wasn't in it much, mainly it was Booth but that fit. Besides, Bones strikes me as very hard to write and she's one of those people where attempting it badly is a bad thing.

Watched Supernatural 0102 - Wendigo with Phil last night. I'm still in Phoenix and he's still in Jersey so we watched our DL'd copies and paused every few minutes to sync up with each other.

Phil has admitted that Dean, not "Won-Won," is his king. He's in lust with Dean too now.

I've got two converts (Phil and miss_mandy) and counting, how many more till I get my toaster?

Oh yeah, made this icon last night too. Original picture comes from miss_mandy who found it online. Jensen looks stoned and is holding a case of beer on his shoulder and Kane looks evil and has his own case of beer too.

Did I mention the Jensen!Stubble? Because it's a big part of the picture and it makes me sad that it all but disappears when shrunk.

Scrubs fic "My New Pants." Very nice. Why does no one write Scrubs fic? Oh right. That whole "intimidated by genius" thing.

Literally just made pb_ficfinders. Too fucking tired to pimp it properly right now. Shamelessly stole the profile bio and based the layout, that's all.

Gah. So. Fucking. Tired. I'm nearing twenty hours awake I think.

My back hurts, I'm tired and I think my fic sucks so far.
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