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I lost Arizona to a thirteen-year-old here. Ugh. And I missed Illinois by two comments. I called dibs on Utah because it's so boring that Dean will have to tease Sam the whole way through the state just for something to do.

Oh shit. Now... I want to do a story. "Ten Powers Dean Winchester Doesn't Have" maybe. Or "Ten Ways Dean's Powers Didn't Manifest" possibly. Maybe both. Because the first one is powers he doesn't have so it's be 10 Dean's using powers whereas the latter is manifestation so I could do an early Smallville/X-Men type deal with powers coming out randomly.


I also have a sleep-ficlet in my head right now but... Prison Break fandom is big on the platonic/semi-platonic bed sharing, I don't know about Supernatural fandom. I have an incredibly clear image of this one in my head too.

I feel the unreasonable need to do some list-fics now. I blame this on my OCD having nowhere to focus right now.

I think I may be able to outline my PBFE soon; which is very good because... It's good.

I kinda wanna make icons again soon. I just don't really know what. PB and SPN obviously, but...

Yeah. Meh. I need to make a Bondage!Sammy icon for miss_mandybecause she has a ton of new open spaces and she wants bondage Sammy.

I also need to make myself an icon of Dean sleeping from Phantom Traveler.

I got a little bunny from this. [Spoilers for Supernatural - Devil's Trap] The part with the little annoyances?

[...] which would be a cool subplot where they get cursed with low-level annoyances (like running out of gas and getting caught for speeding and always getting the wrong food when they ordered and so on) because they got cursed by a witch or something [...]

I kinda wanna do something like that now, a Murphy's Law kind of thing. Maybe I can tie it in with Utah...

Devil's Trap has just finished, I'm now DLing all the caps I didn't already have.

My tummy hurts and all that's at home is hot dogs. I'm tempted to ask Mom when I get home if I can go buy something to eat but she'll say yes even though we can't afford it.

Speaking of? Joseph still won't go look for a job and Mom still gets all bitchy at me when I tell her she should make him get one.

I'm totally not going to tell her I'm surfing cragslist for myself. If I can find something with customer service near me that'd be awesome and would help me muchly.

I have a feeling I'm gonna be doing a week or two or three at Burger King. Fucking Joseph.

1506 right now, I'm gonna post this and run to the Bear's Den real quick to buy a Scantron for my test.
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