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Holy shit.

I just got an A in Community Policing. I need a 69 out of 70 on part two of my final, the one that was nothing but seven essays.

I got a 70.

*Is shocked*

I also have a new default icon, courtesy of apocalypsos, that will stay like this until my heart stops hurting. She said it's up for grabs so yoink it and credit her.

I'm 26% into my DL of Devil's Trap.

And? *Flails*

And? I now have $114 from sellinng back 3 of my 4 books.

I have a final worth 80% of my grade that needs to be turned in by Monday so it'll be in by the time I leave because I have no classes on Monday. I have three essay questions on that one to do and a Scantron to buy and I'm good for it.

Tuesday I have to turn in my Constitutional Law final, it was a take-home, and then I have my Rules of Evidence final.

The $114 I have I can't spend on anything fun because we are majorly fucked moneywise. Mom's working doubles this whole pay period, that's 12-14 hours a day, and as of 10 am today she's now at overtime for time and a half. And then she gets extra money from her boss just by coming in because since she's a telemarketer her bosses make money by how many hours the people they're in charge of are on the phones, so her coming in and working so much is making her boss good money too.
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