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Quickie before the dye dries...

Okies I'm at my bestfriend-big sister Pissy's house right now and will be staying until at least tomorrow and hopefully until a week from tomorrow depending on what Grandma says.

My hair is in the middle of getting dyed red again yay! Another few minutes and I rinse.

Me and Pissy are going to meet Amanda, Rhonda, sanrei, and Justin at Krispy Kreme at 9 tonight, and from there we go to Rocky and then to Genny's.

Damn Pissy's gonna make me wear make up. I can't say no either because she bought it all and she knows I have a thing about wasting money. She bought: Mascarra and eye liner, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and "Pancake" which is apparently powder stuff that goes on your face. ::Sweatdrop::

sanrei, seven_flower don't either of you say one damn thing.

I'm actually ten minutes or my dye now so I'm gonna go. More later and I'll have pictures too because Pissy and Mommy (The one I like) got 2 disposable cameras for us to take tonight.

I love it here so much. I really, really do, it's nice and cool, and her my the family get's along great. Except when Daddy's drunk but even then that's only because he sings really loud and off key.

Yeah, gone again. Moo peoples.
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