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Here a meta, there a meta, and another little meta...

Fuzzy meta, funny meta, meta, meta, porn.

Okay so I watched two more eps of Supernatural today. Instead of doing a reaction post, which I almost did a couple of times, I decided on mini-metas and observational notes. Kind of like an actual review is supposed to have. Spoilers up to 0104 - Phantom Traveler.

0103 - Dead In The Water
Okay so when Dean draws his family picture with Lucas? He lists his family off as Dad, Mom, Geek Brother, and "Me." When we see the picture the last figure on the end, the one Dean said was him, is smaller than all the others. this says a lot about how Dean sees himself. He doesn't think he's as important as everyone else in his family. I know this is already pretty much verified fact but I felt the need to point it out. Also? I have much love for the moment Dean paused before saying "Mom," this episode really brought up a lot of little-boy-issues Dean obviously tries very hard to forget.

I also have incredibly amazing love for Dean's interactions with Lucas. Lucas watched his Dad die and Dean watched his Mom die, and so Dean knew they would be able to bond through that. It's canon from that interaction as well as The Journal that Dean didn't talk for a while after watching Mary die, much like Lucas. It's a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and completely understandable and I love that Kripke and Co used it.

When Lucas made the grab for Dean in the sheriff's office it made my heart hurt. Lucas was rocking back and forth and agitated and he knew Dean could help somehow. And God, the look on Dean's face when Lucas and Fred (Amy Acker will always be Fred to me) left, Dean was heartbroken. This is really not incredibly observational except to point out that Dean knew something was wrong, he knew Lucas didn't just want to see him or something, he knew Lucas knew something was going to happen. I'm pretty sure this is from experience, even if he wasn't a psychic little midget.

Dean has a soft spot for kids, he didn't want to leave until he knew Lucas was going to be okay. Actually, I think part of it is a soft spot for kids but most of it was a soft spot for Lucas. Lucas was the mini!Dean and Dean wanted things to turn out alright for him because he knew Lucas had a chance.

When they go to save Fred Sam runs for her while Dean grabs Lucas. This says a lot too. Dean is all about saving innocent people. Dean knew that Sam would run straight to whoever was in trouble because that's what Sam does, he eliminates the threat, and I think he also knew that if they both went to her then Lucas was going to stand there and watch his Mom possibly drown. So he kicked the door open and let Sam run past and then he grabbed Lucas and held him, like he held Sammy when he was a baby.

When Fred kissed Dean I don't think there was anything romantic about it, it was a thank you for saving her son and trying to save her Dad. The flirting in the beginning was really just because Dean is Dean and he pretty much has to flirt with everything. It's a compulsion and I totally bet that sometimes he does it without realizing. I loved that he was surprised when she kissed him, it was cute and said a lot about him too (I need to find some new fucking words for that shit). The Winchesters obviously aren't a very touchy-feely family and I bet Dean only associates kisses with sex (Because once a guy hits about eight or so suddenly kissing their parent is unmanly and babyish), so when she thanked him by kissing him his brain froze for a moment, like that one time I tried to open a song in notepad, things didn't compute right.

0104 - Phantom Traveler
I'm just now realizing that Dean called The Journal John's single most valuable possession. Hm. I could go into this big whole thing were Dean think John cares about The Hunt more than he does them but really I don't think that's what that was about because I don't think Dean sees himself and Sam as possessions. I'm pretty certain that that was just us being told that Dad never leaves his notebook anywhere bad and something must have happened for him to just leave it there and run.

Dean sleeps in jockeys and a t-shirt. Huh. I wasn't expecting that. Don't get me wrong, I honestly think I'm actually in love with Dean's ass and his legs but... In my mind I always picture the guys sleeping full-gear in case something happens in the middle of the night. But I can give a pass on sleeping in pants and shirts and jackets as long as they keep their boots on. Once you get up and running and moving around your adrenaline heats you up and running in your underwear id nothing even in the cold night. Your feet however? Will hurt. Cheep motels have shitty asphalt and broken glass and sometimes even needles in the parking lot. Bare feet tearing over that will tear your shit bloody if you aren't used to it. And getting used to it involves running barefoot on it for long periods of time until your feet get as rough and callused as some people's elbows or hands. I hold on to the thought that they slept in their boots for years and years and years and that Sam probably still did it a while into college.

Dean made an EMF meter out of an old walkman. He looked kinda down when Sam ragged on it but proud when he said he made it. This is not an easy thing to do I don't think. I think it's safe to say that Dean is a smart boy. S-M-R-T smart! And making it out of a walkman is kinda genius because as we later see on the plane you can walk around and kinda wave it a bit and people just assume you're into the music. I think Sam was an ass for ragging on it but I'm glad he did because seriously? If one of my brother's did something like that? I'd have to rag on them. It's fucking genius but it's in the genetic coding to make fun of siblings and make them feel like shit. Plus Dean seems to be the kind of guy who isn't real easy to goad so sticking a needle in that little self-conscious weak spot he has probably gave Sam a little giddy dance in his head. You know Dean jabbed all his weak-spots growing up and you know Sam tired to do the same.

Dean used his coat to climb the bared wire, Sam just put his hands on the metal on top and propelled himself over. This could be taken two ways. One, it could be a height thing; that Sam is so tall that he can reach the top metal without needing any leverage near the wire and that Dean is just that little bit shorter that he needs the coat to keep his hands unbloodied. And two, it could be a "training" thing; it could've been a way to show us that Dean remembered to use his coat because he's been doing this a lot and that Sam forgot because it's been a few years since he's had to hop barbed wired to get away from someone. Really, both of these explanations work for me just fine because both are plausible.

When Dean and Sam are checking out the sulphar residue they still have the suits on but a little loosely. Dean has his tie loosened a little, to about his collarbone, and the very top button undone but that's it. Collar is still tucked under the jacket right and in general he looks very much like an agent who's been up for a while. Sam's tie is loosened all the way the about the middle of his chest and it looks as if the top two buttons are undone and the collar is pulled up and out over the jacket, making his look more like a kid at 2 in the morning on prom night. It makes me think that even if Sam is always the one getting them to play dress-up Dean is more comfortable with it. Dean clearly makes himself at home wherever and whenever and adjusts himself to his surroundings, this undoubtedly is because of John moving the boys around constantly and Dean adapting himself to new surroundings all the time. Sam seems like he may have gotten a little too comfortable at Stanford and really likes being himself now, he isn't as comfortable in foreign environments as he once was.

There's a quasi-tribal sticker on the top of the computer on the middle left near the "ASDF" part of the computer, possibly a mirroring one on the other side. The middle of it, right over where the computer brand would be (At least if it were HP), is a circular sticker with a white skull in the middle and some form of blue design surrounding it. The tribal strikes me as very Sam, trendy and popular and "normal," whereas the skull is very Dean to me. Yep, mirroring tribal to balance it out. The skull may possibly have small wings on either side of it in the sticker.

Nazareth. I have no idea what that is off the top of my head but it sounds kinda biblical to me. I'm currently trying to figure out if that means that the boys, or Dean, read the bible when they were younger in some awkward effort to try and either figure out demons or figure out where Mary went. Either way this right off the bat proves that Dean isn't an idiot, because Nazareth just sounds like one of those things that would be relatively uneasy to remember right off the bat.

And 40 is biblical numerology, it means death. And Dean knew this. Once again, Dean is not stupid, he's a smarty-pants even if he is a smart-ass.

Dean's terrified of flying but he got on the plane anyway even when Sam said he would do it on his own. Not because he didn't trust Sam but because "You said it yourself, the plane's gonna crash." He sucked it up and did what he had to do because he was afraid his baby brother would get hurt. Dean really is an awesome big brother.

Dean hums Metallica to calm him down. Sam knew that it was Metallica. Despite his complete and utter emo-ness Sam knows good music Even if the entire band should be beaten and slaughtered when he hears it. Any idea what Metallica song he was humming? My episodes have this somewhat metallic hum to it so I can't really tell. According to Wikipedia the song is "Some Kind Of Monster." This makes me sad because it's new but my brain is gonna say that it's just Metallica trying to get more money for the new shit they put out.

Dean carries holy water with him in a water bottle, he's obviously always prepared. Demons flinch at the name of God, Dean knows the God's name in Latin is Christo. I don't think Sam told him because he thought Dean didn't know, I think he told him because Dean was freaking out a little and when people freak out sometimes they forget even the most basic things. I constantly forget my name or how to spell it when I'm a certain level of nervous so it would be easy to assume Dean might forget the name while he trying not to spazz. Christo isn't an easy word to slip into conversation and Dean really tried pretty hard. It was still kinda sad to watch though because you knew it was gonna be awkward.

The Phantom Traveler said Jessica was "burning even now." Was he trying to say she was in Hell now or that she was all firey?

Dean's had this phone number all of six months at this episode, since we don't know the date we don't know whether the number is pre or post SamAndDeanRoadTrip. And yes, it's a smushy word on purpose. The assumption is that if Dad has the number it must be from pre SamAndDeanRoadTrip, though the look on their faces make me think that maybe the number got changed after and left the new number on Dad's voicemail. It would make sense for them to freak about it if he hadn't been answering the phone but still checked a message to get Dean's number.

Dean's number is (866) 907-3235, 866 is a [CITY, STATE] area code, which is obviously where they got the phone from. toll free prefix from when the show still had his number working. I've hunted around and tried to find out if I could find the 907 prefix but I came up with blanks. 907 is an area code in Alaska but I have no idea where the prefix is based or if it's one that's reserved for toll-free numbers.

Generalized mini-meta. Spoilers up to 0120 - Salvation.
Who kicks in the door and who charges in first are important, who goes to who/what and who picks the lock and who provides what type of cover say big things about the character.

In Dead In The Water Dean kicked in the door to Fred's bathroom and then stepped back. Sam charged in and straight past Lucas to the tub, Dean grabbed Lucas and stayed in the hallway.

In Hellhouse Sam kicks in the door and lets Dean in first, probably because he knows that Dean's a better shot.

In Dead Man's Blood when they raid the Vampire Lair Sam heads toward the "victim," Dean paddles around all the lackeys and Dad head's straight for The Bad Guy, the leader.

Sam generally goes for the "innocents," he find the person he should save and heads for them. If he's with an innocent [Provenance] he tries to save them too, he stays in front and puts himself in immediate harm to keep them safe.

Dean generally aims for the bad guys, unless he has a personal thing with one of the innocents. Lucas [from Dead In The Water] was personal so he went to him, Michael [from Something Wicked] was personal because he identified with him. If he didn't I don't think he would've told him that he needed to be bait, he would've just waited until night and then gone in.

John goes straight for the Head Honcho [Dead Man's Blood and Salvation]. He goes for the biggest bad in the group and takes him down, or at least tries his very fucking damnedest.

I need to watch more of the episodes dammit.
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