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Orilon was talking and this kinda struck me.

Psychopath traits are:
Glib and superficial charm; Grandiose sense of self-worth; Need for stimulation; Pathological lying; Conning and manipulativeness; Lack of remorse or guilt; Shallow affect; Callousness and lack of empathy; Parasitic lifestyle; Poor behavioral controls; Promiscuous sexual behavior; Early behavior problems; Lack of realistic, long-term goals; Impulsivity; Irresponsibility; Failure to accept responsibility for own actions; Many short-term marital relationships; Juvenile delinquency; Revocation of conditional release; Criminal versatility and also a score of over 30 on the PCL-R(Psychopathy Checklist Revised) which measures affect (basically facial expressions), interpersonal relationships and behavior.

If a person has a score of over 30 they are officially considered a psychopath and if their score is under 30 they are not considered a psychopath. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer is not considered a Psychopath because he does not have a score of over 30, which demonstrates that not all people with antisocial personality disorder are considered psychopaths.

I totally wasn't just thinking about Michael and Dean meeting in some sort of paid Psychoanalytical Research Group or anything.

And it never crossed my mind that they might talk while waiting for it to start and make a bet as to who could fake the most convincing serial killer.

*Shifty eyes*

And why don't I have a Wensen icon yet?
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