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Fcuk Chat Two

dorkdance: Dean: ... no.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I don't like you funny Dad.
marishnas: John: I named my first-
clex_monkie89: Sam: I like Funny Daddy, he's funny.
marishnas: Dean: Dad!
clex_monkie89: Oh wow this is so gonna get posted later.
dorkdance: Sam: Dean?
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...What?
dorkdance: Sam: Did you get chest hairs because you boinged your pee-pee?
avioletmermaid: Dean:....oh my god
clex_monkie89: John: ...
clex_monkie89: Sam: Well?
avioletmermaid: Dean: No?
dorkdance: Sam: I don't think I want chest hairs. Daddy's look scratchy.
dorkdance: John: Then don't boing your pee-pee, Sammy.
dorkdance: Sam: You must boing your pee pee a LOT, Daddy!
avioletmermaid: John:.....uh
clex_monkie89: I just aspit all ovwer my computer. One moment
avioletmermaid: lol
dorkdance: Because this is crack, I've decided that Sam is anywhere between 4 and 9, and Dean is anywhere between 10 and 14.
avioletmermaid: I'd say 7 and 13
avioletmermaid: maybe
marishnas: only 4 years difference.
dorkdance: Right.
dorkdance: 8 and 13, then.
avioletmermaid: ok
clex_monkie89: Back. And oy.
dorkdance: Dean: *snickers*
clex_monkie89: John: My chest hairs... Were a curse from a demon.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Smooth.
avioletmermaid: John: I..uh never boinged my pee pee
dorkdance: Sam: What kind of demon?
clex_monkie89: Dean: The boining kind?
clex_monkie89: John: Shut it.
dorkdance: Sam: There's a boing demon?
avioletmermaid: Sam: Did the demon boing your pee-pee Daddy?
clex_monkie89: Dean: *Chokes*
clex_monkie89: John: ...
clex_monkie89: John: ...
dorkdance: Sam: I don't want demons to boing my pee-pee. Did you kill it?
avioletmermaid: John: Yes. Don't worry Sam
clex_monkie89: Dean: No one's ever gong to boing your pee-pee Sammy.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Good.
dorkdance: John: *coughs*
avioletmermaid: Dean: *snorts*
clex_monkie89: Sam: ...Can I still boing it?
clex_monkie89: Dean: No.
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy?
avioletmermaid: John: You're not old enough
dorkdance: Sam: How old do I have to be to boing my pee-pee?
avioletmermaid: John: 30
dorkdance: Dean: Seventy.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Dad's age.
clex_monkie89: Sam: That's old.
avioletmermaid: John: I am not old
dorkdance: Sam: You are too. You're... Daddy-old.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Ancient.
dorkdance: Dean: I'm not above making you ride on the roof.
dorkdance: Er, that should be John.
dorkdance: My bad.
clex_monkie89: Ha.
clex_monkie89: I had a totally good comeback from John too.
dorkdance: lol
clex_monkie89: John: What makes you think you'll ever drive the car?
avioletmermaid: Sam: Do I have to be a dad before I can boing my pee-pee?
clex_monkie89: Dean: *Cackles*
clex_monkie89: John: Yes. Twice.
dorkdance: Sam: I have to look for two babies in garbage cans?
clex_monkie89: John: Yes.
dorkdance: Sam: *furrows brow* But you have two babies, Daddy.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Dean, will you help me look?
clex_monkie89: Dean: No.
clex_monkie89: John: ...Yes I do.
dorkdance: Sam: *puts on coat*
dorkdance: John: Where're you going?
dorkdance: Sam: I gotta find two babies so I can boing my pee-pee!
avioletmermaid: Sam: to look for babies!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Baby-hunting.
clex_monkie89: Jinx much?
dorkdance: lol
avioletmermaid: lol
dorkdance: John: You're a little young to be a dad.
clex_monkie89: Dean: You're not allowd to have babies yet.
marishnas: "be veeeeewy qwuiet. I'm hunting fow gaaaaaabage babies"
dorkdance: Sam: Why not?
clex_monkie89: GARBAGE PAIL KIDS.
clex_monkie89: John: Because I said so.
dorkdance: John: Dean needs to find his babies before you find yours, Sammy.
dorkdance: Sam: Can I help him find them?
avioletmermaid: Dean: No
clex_monkie89: Dean No.
marishnas: Sam: But doesn't Dean already boing his pee-pee? Where's his baby?
dorkdance: Dean: ...
avioletmermaid: John:...
marishnas: Sam: What garbage can did you find it in? I'll go look in that one!
dorkdance: Dean: It was behind the motel.
dorkdance: John: Dean!
dorkdance: Dean: In Minnesota.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Daddy can we go to Minnesota?
avioletmermaid: John: No
clex_monkie89: John: The babies are all gone from there no.
clex_monkie89: **now
marishnas: Sam: But where's Dean's baby, then?
marishnas: Dean: It was eaten.
dorkdance: Sam: Oh, no!
clex_monkie89: John: Dean!
avioletmermaid: Dean: by the boinging demon
clex_monkie89: Sam: Are you the boinging demon?
dorkdance: Dean: ...
avioletmermaid: John:*chokes*
clex_monkie89: John: XD
dorkdance: John: The boinging demon was... taller.
*** sacrilicious has joined the chat.
dorkdance: Dean: I'm not short!
dorkdance: John: Shut up, Dean.
sacrilicious: Paddywhack to your moter!
avioletmermaid: Sam: Like you Daddy?
sacrilicious: Mother
marishnas: Sam: But you do smell!
sacrilicious: dammit
clex_monkie89: Dean: I do not!
clex_monkie89: Sam: You smell like potties.
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
marishnas: hey AE.
avioletmermaid: Sam: did your baby smell before it was eaten?
sacrilicious: Yeah?
marishnas: hi.
clex_monkie89: Hi Arch, don't mind the fic.
dorkdance: Dean: Yes.
avioletmermaid: hey AE!
marishnas: Sam: like poo?
dorkdance: Sam: Is that why you smell funny?
sacrilicious: LOL it's entertaining...kind of wish i'd seen the beginning
avioletmermaid: Dean: I don't smell funny!
dorkdance: Sam: Do so.
sacrilicious: ::waves to everyone::
dorkdance: John: That's it, I'm buying you a stick of deodorant.
marishnas: Dean: Hey!
dorkdance: Sam: Even Daddy says you smell funny.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Is that for boinging your pee-pee?
clex_monkie89: Dean: No.
clex_monkie89: Sam: If there's a boinging demon is there a sucking demon too?
clex_monkie89: John: No.
avioletmermaid: John: No
clex_monkie89: Dean: Yes.
avioletmermaid: John: DEAN
marishnas: John: I killed them both.
dorkdance: Sam: Then how am I going to learn about sucking butts?
clex_monkie89: John: You wont.
avioletmermaid: Dean:...from the book?
marishnas: John: *smacks Dean*
dorkdance: Dean: Ow!
avioletmermaid: Dean: Ow
clex_monkie89: Sam: So I can read the book then?
dorkdance: John: NO.
avioletmermaid: Dean: No
clex_monkie89: Sam: Does it have pictures to look at?
dorkdance: Dean: Yes.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Yes
dorkdance: John: ...
clex_monkie89: Sam: Can I look at those then?
avioletmermaid: John: No
clex_monkie89: John: No.
clex_monkie89: Dean: No.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Why not?
avioletmermaid: John: Because
clex_monkie89: John: Because I said so.
clex_monkie89: Sam: But why?
dorkdance: John: You're too young.
marishnas: Sam: Which is why I want to go find a baby!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Didn't we already go over this?
dorkdance: Sam: You won't tell me anything!
avioletmermaid: John: You're too young to find a baby
clex_monkie89: Sam: Since your babies got eaten you should help me find mine Dean.
dorkdance: All I want to know is what a sucking butt is, and what it has to do with boinging my pee-pee, but then you started talking about babies.
dorkdance: That's Sam.
avioletmermaid: Sam: I'm too young for everything!!
clex_monkie89: Dean: And you always will be.
clex_monkie89: John: ...
avioletmermaid: Sam: Daddy!
dorkdance: Sam: I don't like you.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I don't like you either freak.
clex_monkie89: John: Don't call your brother a freak.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Boinger head!
dorkdance: Sam: You're mean and you smell funny and you can't read, and you don't share, and you boing your pee-pee...
avioletmermaid: Dean: Dad..
dorkdance: Sam: I wish you were a girl. I bet you'd be nice to me then.
clex_monkie89: John: You brought this on yourself.
dorkdance: Sam: I bet you'd tell me what a sucking butt was.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I'm never gonna be a girl and even if I were I wouldn't tell you!
dorkdance: Sam: *sticks out tongue*
clex_monkie89: John: Sammy. Don't make faces.
dorkdance: Dean: Yeah, Sammy.
dorkdance: Sam: *kicks Dean in the shin*
clex_monkie89: Sam: I bet Dean's babies were ugly and smelly like him.
dorkdance: Dean: I'm not ugly!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Ow!
dorkdance: Sam: But you do smell.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Daddy why did you take Dean out of the garbage can if he's so smelly
clex_monkie89: John: Sammy! No kicking.
clex_monkie89: John: Because we thought it was the garbage Sammy, we didn't know it was Dean until it was too late to put him back.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I feel so loved.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Can't we go put him back now?
avioletmermaid: Dean: No
dorkdance: John: Sorry, kiddo.
clex_monkie89: John: He doesn't fit anymore.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Hey
dorkdance: Sam: I bet he'd fit in a dumpster.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Is it cause he's fat too?
avioletmermaid: Dean: I am NOT fat!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Are too fatty!
avioletmermaid: Dean: Shut up, freak
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy, Dean called me a freak.
dorkdance: John: Don't call your brother a freak.
clex_monkie89: John: Dean don;t cvall your brother a freak.
clex_monkie89: Dean: But he can call me fat/
clex_monkie89: ?
clex_monkie89: John: You're older.
clex_monkie89: Dean: So?
dorkdance: John: It's your own fault for ordering two burgers.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I'm growing! I'm not fat.
avioletmermaid: Dean: I was hungry
clex_monkie89: Sam: Fatty Fatboy.
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy, why is Dean growing in the wrong direction?
*** jyuu_chan has joined the chat.
clex_monkie89: jyuu_chan
dorkdance: Dean: I am NOT FAT.
clex_monkie89: John: Because he's broken Sammy.
avioletmermaid: Sam: do burgers make your pee-pee grow
clex_monkie89: Dean: If you're creepy they do.
jyuu_chan: ...
clex_monkie89: Sam: Are you creepy Dean?
clex_monkie89: We're ficing.
jyuu_chan: wtf have i walked into?
dorkdance: John: *bites fist*
avioletmermaid: John: Yes
sacrilicious: a crazy fic i think
jyuu_chan: oic
clex_monkie89: Dean: Hey!
dorkdance: Sam: You're fat and smelly and ugly and creepy! *gleeful*
avioletmermaid: Dean: At least my pee-pee's bigger then yours
dorkdance: Dean: Because you boing it too much!
dorkdance: Sam: Do not!
dorkdance: John: ...
clex_monkie89: Sam: Your pee-pees only bigger cause of the burgers!
avioletmermaid: Sam: You boing your more anyway
clex_monkie89: John: *Coughs*
dorkdance: *comments*
avioletmermaid: oh hey jyuu_chan!
clex_monkie89: Dean: I'm old enough!
marishnas: Sam: I bet you want to boing it RIGHT NOW!
dorkdance: Dean: Shut up!
dorkdance: John: Don't tell your brother to shut up.
avioletmermaid: Sam: DAD
clex_monkie89: Sam: See! YOU DO!
avioletmermaid: Dean: Gross, I do not
dorkdance: Sam: If your pee-pee falls off, can I have your book?
avioletmermaid: Dean: No
avioletmermaid: John: No
clex_monkie89: Sam: Please?
dorkdance: John: No.
dorkdance: Dean: No.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Why not?
clex_monkie89: Sam: I asled nicely.
clex_monkie89: **asked
dorkdance: Sam: I'll eat all my green beans if I can read it.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Okay.
clex_monkie89: John: Dean!
jyuu_chan: book?
marishnas: about boinging and ass sucking.
clex_monkie89: Long story.
avioletmermaid: Dean: what? He hates green beans!
jyuu_chan: aaaaahah
clex_monkie89: John: You can never read the book Sammy.
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Emo eyes*
clex_monkie89: Sam: Why not?
avioletmermaid: John: You can't have the book Sammy. Because when I find it I'm goint to destroy it
avioletmermaid: going to*
dorkdance: Sam: :-(
avioletmermaid: Dean: Hey!
dorkdance: Sam: I'm never eating another green bean again.
avioletmermaid: John: as long as you eat your broccoli
dorkdance: Sam: Broccoli makes my farts smell like Dean.
clex_monkie89: John: ...
marishnas: BWAH.
avioletmermaid: Dean: I do not smell like farts!
jyuu_chan: *snrk*
dorkdance: Sam: Do too! You smell like broccoli farts!
sacrilicious: LOL
clex_monkie89: Dean: I do not!
clex_monkie89: John: Yes you do
clex_monkie89: Dean: Dad!
avioletmermaid: Sam: I bet your baby smelled like broccoli farts too
marishnas: John: Oh, for the love of....
dorkdance: John: Well, if you washed your feet more often...
avioletmermaid: Dean: I do wash my feet!
clex_monkie89: Dean: I wash my feet!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Maybe it's your pee-pee the smell bad.
clex_monkie89: **that
dorkdance: John: *snickers*
avioletmermaid: Sam: Because you boing it too much
clex_monkie89: Dean: My pee-pee does not smell bad!
dorkdance: Sam: I bet it has an infection and it's gonna fall off.
dorkdance: I bet your anti pee-pee falling off meds don't work!
clex_monkie89: John: That's right. So stop boing your pee-pee or you'll smell like Dean.
clex_monkie89: Dean: My pee-pee isn't gonna fall off!
avioletmermaid: Sam: it is too
dorkdance: Dean: Is not!
avioletmermaid: Sam: Boinger!
dorkdance: Dean: Buttmunch!
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy, what's a buttmunch?
clex_monkie89: John: ...
marishnas: John: before you ask, I killed that monster, too.
avioletmermaid: Dean:*snickers*
clex_monkie89: Sam: You kill a lot of demons Daddy.
avioletmermaid: Sam: What does a buttmunch demon do Daddy?
clex_monkie89: John: Yes I do.
clex_monkie89: John: ...It eats your butt when you sleep.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Did it buttmunch you?
clex_monkie89: John: No it buttmunched your brother, that's ewhy he doesn't have a butt.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I do too!
dorkdance: Sam: *giggles* You smell and you're ugly and you don't have a butt and you're creepy and you're fat!
jyuu_chan: poor dean.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I don't smell!
clex_monkie89: Dean: And I'm not any of those other things either!
avioletmermaid: Sam: Daddy?
clex_monkie89: John: ...What?
avioletmermaid: Sam: How come Dean only had to find one baby before he boinged his pee-pee
clex_monkie89: John: ...
clex_monkie89: Dean: It had two heads.
dorkdance: *dies*
clex_monkie89: Sam: Wow.
clex_monkie89: Dean: It ate itself.
avioletmermaid: Sam: I thought the boinging demon ate it
avioletmermaid: Sam: was the baby the boinging demon?
dorkdance: John: It was the boinging demon.
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
jyuu_chan: *so confused*
sacrilicious: *me too*
clex_monkie89: Sam: But I thought Daddy killed the boinging demon.
avioletmermaid: John: I did
avioletmermaid: Sam: But you killed Dean's baby!
dorkdance: Sam: But if the baby had two heads and it was the boinging demon and it ate itself...
dorkdance: John: There was a head left.
clex_monkie89: Dean: And he barbecued it.
dorkdance: John: DEAN!
avioletmermaid: Sam: Did Dean eat his own baby
clex_monkie89: Dean: Yes.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Is that why you smell funny
clex_monkie89: John: Dean!
dorkdance: Sam: If I had a baby, I don't think I would eat it.
marishnas: *comments*
clex_monkie89: Dean: I don't smell!
dorkdance: Sam: I don't want to get fat like Dean.
clex_monkie89: John: He smells cause he boings his pee-pee, which is why you don;t wanna boing your pee-pee right?
avioletmermaid: Dean: I'm not fat
clex_monkie89: Sam: Daddy you said Dean smells cause he boings his pee-pee. I boing my pee-pee and I don't smell. Does Dean smell because other people boing his pee-pee too?
marishnas: does anyone know what the rating FRT is?
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
clex_monkie89: John: ...Dean?
jyuu_chan: i have no idea. i saw that today.
avioletmermaid: Sam: feels good when I boing it
dorkdance: Sam: *beams*
clex_monkie89: FRT? No clue.
clex_monkie89: John: Don't do it.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Please?
clex_monkie89: John No.
dorkdance: Dean: Listen to Dad, Sammy.
marishnas: Fan Rated Suitable For Teenagers
marishnas: LAME.
jyuu_chan: ...wha?
clex_monkie89: Sam: But you don't listen to him.
jyuu_chan: that makes it sound like a panel of fans convened to give the fic a rating.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Yes I do.
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy, did you tell Dean he could boing his pee-pee?
marishnas: John: no!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Then why does he do it?
marishnas: John: Because... Dean's... weird.
avioletmermaid: Dean: I am Not
avioletmermaid: Sam: then why do you boing your pee-pee?
clex_monkie89: Sam: You're fat and smelley and creepy and weird and you ate your boinging babies!
dorkdance: Sam: You're fat and ugly and you smell like broccoli farts and you're creepy and you're weird and you don't have a butt!
avioletmermaid: wow guys
clex_monkie89: Dean: Can I go to sleep Dad?
dorkdance: John: No, this is fun.
dorkdance: John: Sort of a family bonding moment.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Please?
avioletmermaid: Sam: Do you want to go boing your pee-pee
marishnas: Sam: I know you do that in bed.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I do not!
dorkdance: Sam: Do too!
dorkdance: Sam: It's really weird, because the bed bounces.
marishnas: Sam: and you do it in the shower, too.
marishnas: Sam: I can hear you.
clex_monkie89: John: ...
clex_monkie89: Dean: No I don't!
avioletmermaid: Dean:*turns red* Shut up Sammy
marishnas: Sam: Why are you so noisy when you boing your pee pee?
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy, why does Dean say 'ooooh' in the shower?
avioletmermaid: Sam: Does it hurt? Why do you do it if it hurts?
clex_monkie89: John: Because he likes to shower and try to make himself not... smell.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Nice.
dorkdance: Sam: It doesn't work, does it Daddy?
avioletmermaid: John: No
clex_monkie89: John: No Sammy.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I hate you both.
clex_monkie89: John: Love you too kid.
dorkdance: Sam: *lower lip trembles*
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy, Dean said he hates me.
dorkdance: Sam: *sniff*
dorkdance: You know he can make himself cry.
clex_monkie89: Brain theifer.
avioletmermaid: John:*smacks Dean* tell your brother you love him
clex_monkie89: Dean: No!
clex_monkie89: Dean: He's faking!
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Sniffs* Am... *Sniffs* not.
clex_monkie89: John: Dean. Do it.
avioletmermaid: Dean: *rolls eyes* I love you Sammy ok
dorkdance: Sam: *flings arms around John's neck* He didn't mean it!
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Big smile* I love you too Dean!
dorkdance: Sam: *sniffs more*
clex_monkie89: Strike mine yours is better.
dorkdance: lol
avioletmermaid: Dean: what a cry baby
clex_monkie89: John: Dean. Say it like you mean it.
dorkdance: John: *hugs Sam*
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Sniffs and hugs back*
dorkdance: Dean: *mutters* 'msorry.
clex_monkie89: Sam: I didn't hear you!
dorkdance: Sam: *eyes well*
avioletmermaid: Dean: I don't hate you. I love you
clex_monkie89: Sam: Liar.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Dad!
dorkdance: John: Sam, your brother doesn't hate you.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Does too.
marishnas: (Link:!
dorkdance: Sam: Yes he does! He wants to send me away and make me get eaten by caterpillars!
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...Caterpillars?
avioletmermaid: John: What
dorkdance: Sam: Monster caterpillars!
dorkdance: Dean: What?
avioletmermaid: John: where did you get that idea from?
dorkdance: Sam: *accusingly* I had a bad dream that monster caterpillars were chasing me, and I wanted a hug, and Dean was in the shower boinging his pee-pee, and...
clex_monkie89: Dean: I don't boing my pee-pee in the shower!
dorkdance: Sam: He doesn't like me. He likes his pee-pee more than he likes me.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Well you like yours more too.
avioletmermaid: John:...I'm sure he likes you more then his pee-pee
clex_monkie89: Sam: Nuh-uh.
clex_monkie89: John: Yes he does, Dean tell your brother you... like him more than your pee-pee.
avioletmermaid: Dean: At least my pee-pee doesn't ask stupid questions
clex_monkie89: Sam: Then why do you talk to it?
dorkdance: Sam: *clings to John* Dean called me stupid!
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
avioletmermaid: Dean: I don't talk to it!
marishnas: Sam: You say things like, "Oh yeah, come on, baby" all the time!
clex_monkie89: John: ...
avioletmermaid: John:...
dorkdance: John: You're too young to be talking like that, Sammy.
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...No I don't.
clex_monkie89: Sam: But Dean says it.
dorkdance: Sam: No I'm not! See? "Oh yeah, come on, baby!"
marishnas: Dean: Stop that!
dorkdance: John: Dean's four years older than you.
clex_monkie89: John: *Facepalms*
dorkdance: Sam: *sing-song* Oh yeah, come on, baaaaaaby!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Dude stop that.
avioletmermaid: John: Sammy, please stop
marishnas: Sam: Ohhhhhh yeeeeeah!
dorkdance: John: *grits teeth*
clex_monkie89: Dean: Dad please let me hit him.
clex_monkie89: John: No.
dorkdance: Sam: Coooooooome oooooon... *pauses* I'll stop if I can boing my pee-pee without it falling off.
avioletmermaid: John:....
clex_monkie89: John: ...
dorkdance: Sam: *deep breath* Baaaaaaaaaaa --
dorkdance: John: Okay!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Yay!
avioletmermaid: Sam: YES
marishnas: John: Boing it. I don't care!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Oh my God.
clex_monkie89: Dean: You just got outsmarted by a midget.
clex_monkie89: Sam: I'm not a midget!
dorkdance: Sam: Someday I'm gonna be taller than you!
clex_monkie89: John: Shut up Dean.
avioletmermaid: Sam: And my pee-pee will be bigger!
clex_monkie89: Dean: No you wont!
dorkdance: Dean: And my pee-pee will always be bigger.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Liar
marishnas: Dean: I'm older, therefore my pee-pee is always bigger.
clex_monkie89: Sam: So Daddy's will alwaysb be bigger than yours?
dorkdance: John: Yes.
jyuu_chan: (...I think my brain is melting from this. Srsly.)
clex_monkie89: (Wait till it gets posted and you see the bgeining)
avioletmermaid: Sam: How big is your pee-pee Daddy?
clex_monkie89: Dean: I don't wanna know.
clex_monkie89: John: ...
avioletmermaid: John: Big enough
clex_monkie89: Sam: Big enough for what?
clex_monkie89: Dean: Ew.
avioletmermaid: John...
clex_monkie89: Sam: Boinging?
clex_monkie89: Dean: I think I'm blind now.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Or deaf at least
avioletmermaid: John: I think it's time for bed boys
dorkdance: Dean: I thought I wasn't allowed to go to bed.
clex_monkie89: If I get knocked off wait for me to hop back on
avioletmermaid: Sam:I can boing my pee-pee in bed now right Daddy. Like Dean
clex_monkie89: John: ...
dorkdance: Dean: Please don't.
marishnas: Sam: Should I do it in the shower, like you?
marishnas: Dean: Yes.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Ha! I knew you boinged it in the shower!
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
clex_monkie89: John: Outsmarted by a midget, huh?
avioletmermaid: Dean: I didn't say that
clex_monkie89: Sam: Yes you did!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Did not.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Did too, you said I could boing it in the shower like you do!
avioletmermaid: Sam: I want to boing it in bed because if I do it in the shower like you I'll smell. Hey...can I boing it outside
avioletmermaid: John: No!
clex_monkie89: Dean: No!
avioletmermaid: Sam: In the car>
clex_monkie89: Dean: God no!
avioletmermaid: Sam: at school?
clex_monkie89: Dean: Only the once.
clex_monkie89: John: No.
clex_monkie89: Sam: But where can I do it?
avioletmermaid: John: What
jyuu_chan: ...I definitely need a drink now.
dorkdance: *comments*
dorkdance: John: In your own bed. When you're a grown-up.
dorkdance: Sam: Why in a bed?
avioletmermaid: John: Dean, you ...boinged at school?
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...No.
clex_monkie89: Sam: But you said I can boping it now, can I boing it in my bed now?
*** Kally has left the chat.
dorkdance: Dean: No. Because you share a bed with me, and no.
clex_monkie89: Sam: But you boing in bed when I'm there.
avioletmermaid: John...
clex_monkie89: Dean: No I don't.
avioletmermaid: John: Dean...
clex_monkie89: Dean: I don't!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Liar.
avioletmermaid: Sam: he's lying daddy
clex_monkie89: John: Dean don't boing around your brother.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I never though I'd here that sentence.
clex_monkie89: **hear
clex_monkie89: And while we're at it: **thought
dorkdance: Sam: But why do I have to boing in bed?
clex_monkie89: John: Because that's where people boing.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Boinging in bed is boring. I like it better standing up
clex_monkie89: Dean: Most guys do.
clex_monkie89: John: Stop talking Dean.
avioletmermaid: Sam: It boings better
clex_monkie89: Sam: It bounces.
clex_monkie89: John: O.O
dorkdance: Hah.
avioletmermaid: lol
avioletmermaid: Dean: can we be done having this conversation now. I already know more then I ever wanted to about my brother boinging
clex_monkie89: Sam: Dean's bounces weird though.
dorkdance: Sam: I can even show you! I do it when I have naked time.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Oh my God stop watching me you little perv!
avioletmermaid: Dean: Oh god why...
sacrilicious: ::dies:: Naked time!
clex_monkie89: John: ...Naked time?
dorkdance: Sam: *drops pants*
dorkdance: Sam: *boing*
avioletmermaid: Sam *beams* NAKED TIME
marishnas: *comments*
clex_monkie89: (*Dies*)
dorkdance: John: *cracks up*
clex_monkie89: Dean: We're not related.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Dude, pull your pants back up
jyuu_chan: wtf, someone else on my flist used the "FRT" rating too
clex_monkie89: Sam: I don't wanna!
marishnas: Sam: *looks down* I think it's gonna be big.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Not bigger then mine
marishnas: Sam: Show me yours.
marishnas: Dean: No!
marishnas: Dean: Dude!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Please?
avioletmermaid: Dean: no
avioletmermaid: Sam: Daddy, can I see yours
clex_monkie89: John: No.
clex_monkie89: John: Never.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Can you make Dean show me his?
clex_monkie89: John: No.
clex_monkie89: Dean: You can't see my pee-pee!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Pretty please? I showed you mine.
avioletmermaid: Dean: No
clex_monkie89: Sam: If you loved me you'd show me your pee-pee.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Dude. You're never gonna get laid with a line like that.
clex_monkie89: Sam: What's laid?
dorkdance: John: DEAN!
avioletmermaid: Dean:...
clex_monkie89: Sam: Is it like boinging or sucking?
marishnas: Sam: so I ask people to show me their pee-pee when I get laid?
avioletmermaid: Dean:...yes
avioletmermaid: Dean: No
avioletmermaid: Dean: Um...Dad?
clex_monkie89: Sam: Which is it?
clex_monkie89: John: Keep going Dean, this is fun.
clex_monkie89: Dean: You're mean.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Which is it Dean?
avioletmermaid: Dean:'s....well
avioletmermaid: Dean: Dad, say something
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Is waiting with big eyes*
clex_monkie89: John: Listen to your brother Sammy.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Thanks.
dorkdance: Dean: Um... well, you won't have to worry about getting laid for a very long time.
dorkdance: Sam: How long?
dorkdance: John: Fifteen years.
clex_monkie89: Sam: But that's in forever.
avioletmermaid: Dean: tell me about it
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Is still pantsless*
dorkdance: Sam: *pouty boing*
clex_monkie89: Dean: *Is semi-horrified*
avioletmermaid: omg i forgot sam was still pantsless
clex_monkie89: Ha!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Can you put some pants on now.
clex_monkie89: ?
dorkdance: Sam: I don't want to.
clex_monkie89: Sam: I can but I dont wanna.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Dad! Make Sammy put on pants!
dorkdance: Sam: No! No pants!
avioletmermaid: John: put your pants on
clex_monkie89: Sam: No! Naked time!
clex_monkie89: John: Not right now Sammy, later.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Tell me how to get laid and I'll put them back on
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
dorkdance: Oh dear.
marishnas: Dean: Not that way, that's for sure.
clex_monkie89: John: ...
clex_monkie89: Sam: Did you get laid Dean? Can you tell me how?
avioletmermaid: John...Yea, Dean.
avioletmermaid: John: How
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
clex_monkie89: Dean: No and I can't tell you.
jyuu_chan: *snrf*
avioletmermaid: Dean: But Dad can!
clex_monkie89: John: *Deer in the headlights*
marishnas: John: I found you both in the TRASH!
clex_monkie89: Sam: But you said I came from the hospital!
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Wibbles*
marishnas: John: :|
marishnas: John: Hospital trash?
avioletmermaid: Dean: HA!
clex_monkie89: Sam: But then why don't I smell like Dean?
dorkdance: Sam: You were in the clean dumpster.
dorkdance: ER, John.
dorkdance: I should quit.
dorkdance: *facepalm*
clex_monkie89: No!
dorkdance: John: Dean was behind the laundry chute.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Did somebody number two on him?
clex_monkie89: Dean: No!
avioletmermaid: LOL
avioletmermaid: do you guys realize we've been doing this for 3 hours
clex_monkie89: Yep, I have seven tabs up I haven't touched.
avioletmermaid: ditto
avioletmermaid: actually I have 5 tabs up
marishnas: I thought it was going to wrap up when Sam was allowed to boing.
clex_monkie89: It ran away from us.
marishnas: wtf- how did thuis even HAPPEN.
clex_monkie89: Uh...
dorkdance: Naked time?
dorkdance: Wait, first Sam was daring Dean to do things.
avioletmermaid: i think it was my fault
dorkdance: Or... paying him?
marishnas: boys kicking each other in the crotches!
clex_monkie89: V mentioned Mythbusters and I mentioned my brothers and it spiraled from there.
Tags: fandom:, fcuk chat, fic, insanity, supernatural

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