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Fcuk Chat Fic.

Okay so SPN crackfic. Sam and Dean and John and books and garbage-babies and boinging pee-pees and bribery and sheer crack.

Under the cut is the story and exactly how we came about this crack. It's three hours long and fun.

avioletmermaid: dude, is anyone watching Mythbusters because I am and I'm getting seriously grossed out
kantayra: i don't get cable :(
gwyntastic: which one is it?
clex_monkie89: Don't have cable; what's the myth?
avioletmermaid: they're trying to make a stomach explode with pop rocks and soda
dorkdance: Nice.
gwyntastic: LOL!
kantayra: hee
dorkdance: Is it working?
clex_monkie89: DUDE!
clex_monkie89: I love that show and wish I had cable even more now.
avioletmermaid: it hasn't exploded so far but it got really big and bloated
gwyntastic: man it's not on here
clex_monkie89: Aw
gwyntastic: /pouts/
avioletmermaid: aw sorry
gwyntastic: but top chef is!
gwyntastic: wheeee
avioletmermaid: i love that show
gwyntastic: it's crack yo
avioletmermaid: is it a new ep
gwyntastic: so is top model
gwyntastic: it should be i'm not sure yet
gwyntastic: I kinda forgot it was on
avioletmermaid: blah...I'm kind of hooked on Mythbusters now
clex_monkie89: Mythbusters is awesome.
kantayra: mythbusters r0x0rs
avioletmermaid: I'll catch top chef later
clex_monkie89: I read a Mythbusters fic where they dealt with Zombies.
gwyntastic: it'll be on obsessively on sat and Sunday. Top Chef. I'm so freaking excited.
marishnas: *comments*
clex_monkie89: DUDE.
gwyntastic: NO WAY
avioletmermaid: YES
kantayra: hee
dorkdance: OMG THAT'S AWESOME.
clex_monkie89: I wanna eat Pop Rocks and Coke now!
avioletmermaid: They used like 4 packets of pop rocks and 10 cans of soda
clex_monkie89: Rock on!
marishnas: I don't know if we even have pop rocks around here.
avioletmermaid: they're fun but they hurt sometimes
marishnas: I know I had cookies once with something like them in them but that's about the closest I've come, I think.
clex_monkie89: My big brother wants to try it now.
avioletmermaid: lol
gwyntastic: Pop rocks are the shit
gwyntastic: mmmmm
clex_monkie89: He said if my other brother lets him punch him in the balls first he'll do it.
dorkdance: Can he fit four packs of pop rocks and 10 cans of soda in his stomach at once?
gwyntastic: Blow out is already having a season finale? poopie on blow out.
avioletmermaid: aw clex you're making me miss my brothers
clex_monkie89: He's about 350lbs so I think he can if he tries.
avioletmermaid: boys are so stupid and yet so fun
clex_monkie89: V my brothers rock; they're dumb as shit and much more fun.
avioletmermaid: dude, my brother set himself on fire because I gave him 5 dollars
clex_monkie89: Andy (The big one) says he'll do it for a dollar.
avioletmermaid: nice!
kantayra: lol
dorkdance: He'll punch your other brother in the balls for a dollar?
gwyntastic: I almost broke my best friends brothers leg by tossing him down a hill on three slip and slides. He did it for 25 cents.
kantayra: heeeeeeeeeeeeee
dorkdance: My brother did a flying leap onto a rock, ass-first for a dollar once.
gwyntastic: Boys are so stupid.
gwyntastic: I wonder what Sam could get Dean to do for a Dollar
kantayra: heee!
kantayra: CRACK FIC!
kantayra: DO IT!
avioletmermaid: a lot probably
avioletmermaid: omg YES
gwyntastic: I don't write fic. LOL.
*** clex_monkie89 has left the chat.
gwyntastic: I bet Sam could get Dean to do him for a dollar
dorkdance: Eat worms, give him a blowjob, tickle a sleeping dragon, run naked through a snowstorm...
kantayra: well...yeah
kantayra: hee!
*** clex_monkie89 has joined the chat.
gwyntastic: and eat ghost goo
dorkdance: Yes.
kantayra: he should do all of those!
kantayra: it'd be a fic!
clex_monkie89: Damn net. They shoot each other in the face and everywhere else with BB Guns when they get bored. And Andy said he'd set himself on fire for the dolalr.
dorkdance: Take pictures!
kantayra: lol
clex_monkie89: Ghost goo? Fic? What did I miss?
kantayra: YES!
marishnas: I'd write it.
avioletmermaid: We're trying to think of what Dean would do if Sam gave him a dollar
dorkdance: My oldest brother charged people to see my second-youngest brother's hair when he gave himself a Hawkmow.
gwyntastic: I asked what do you think Sam could get Dean to do for a dollar
dorkdance: [A Hawkmow is when you shave a single stripe down the middle of your head.]
gwyntastic: god now I have this mental image of Sam constantly kicking Dean in the balls when Dean pisses him off, while they were younger.
avioletmermaid: LOL
dorkdance: He doesn't have to kick him in the balls.
kantayra: lol
dorkdance: He knows Dean's tickle spot.
gwyntastic: Shut up dickweed, /punch balls/
dorkdance: And then, for his next birthday, John bought Dean a cup.
avioletmermaid: a tickle spot could work for that too
gwyntastic: For some reason, guys like to hit other guys in the balls. It's like the funniest thing ever.
dorkdance: Makes it less likely that they'll spread their genes.
avioletmermaid: i kicked my brother in the balls once by accident
*** clex_monkie89 has left the chat.
dorkdance: It's a biological thing.
marishnas: they like to slap each other's asses on the playing field, too.
avioletmermaid: I felt so bad
gwyntastic: I can see Sam finding that way too funny
*** clex_monkie89 has joined the chat.
gwyntastic: Helloooo
clex_monkie89: I think it's not a matter of what Dean will do but a matter of what Sammy would try to get him to do.
dorkdance: Dean pours Nair in Sam's shampoo. Sam punches him in the balls.
clex_monkie89: Hey again BTW.
clex_monkie89: Why do I keep missing all the good stuff?
avioletmermaid: because you net hates you
dorkdance: Then he runs away. Guys tend to prolong the agony when girls hit them in the balls, but they're usually up and swinging if a guy does.
clex_monkie89: True.
avioletmermaid: *holds on to monkie*
gwyntastic: It's your nets way of kicking you in the balls
clex_monkie89: *Is held*
avioletmermaid: yeah my brother just kind of curled up in a ball on the floor when I kicked him in the balls but if any of my other brothers did it he would jump them
clex_monkie89: I see Sam playing Roshambo with Dean once or twice when Dean was dumb enough to agree to let him go first. And then Sammy ran to Dad and said Dean tried to beat him up.
marishnas: Roshambo?
avioletmermaid: i can see that happening too
clex_monkie89: It's a ultimate dick-measuring contest. Two guys kick each other in the nuts until one of them drops.
marishnas: ......
marishnas: boys are weird.
gwyntastic: I can see Sammy not wanting to wear clothes when he was little.
avioletmermaid: yep
clex_monkie89: Yeah, my brothers play it when they get drunk and bored.
dorkdance: So he would demand naked time?
gwyntastic: Yes
dorkdance: You know what happens when little boys have naked time, right?
avioletmermaid: my nephew demands naked time
dorkdance: 1. They pee in random places.
clex_monkie89: Oh yeah, Sammy was a nudist and Dean doesn;t let him forget all the times Sam stripped in the shopping market.
gwyntastic: It would annoy the shit out of Dean. Then Dean keeps bringing it up.
dorkdance: 2. They boing their wee willies. They just sorta look down at them and then go 'BOING!' with the tip of their finger.
gwyntastic: Sammy thought it would keep the bad things away.
clex_monkie89: My brother refused to wear anything more than underwear at home until he was about 13.
dorkdance: Wait, Sammy thought peeing in random places would keep bad things away?
marishnas: *rolls around in only childness*
gwyntastic: Being naked
clex_monkie89: Marking his teritory/
dorkdance: My nephew has naked time, and sometimes you'll see this... arc... going into one of the ficus trees.
clex_monkie89: He pissed on things because they were his and he was all doggy-like
gwyntastic: It's like a secret weapon. Being naked.
dorkdance: Well, it would certainly flummox some monsters.
clex_monkie89: By the way? BEST CONVERSATION EVER.
gwyntastic: LOL
avioletmermaid: my nephew likes to get naked and the hide in the corner and pee on the wall
clex_monkie89: Sam gets naked and pees on them and Dean projectile vomits on them. Nice teamworks boys.
dorkdance: Had enough yet? No? Still trying to fight back? *strips* Ha-HAAA!
gwyntastic: Naked hide and seek
avioletmermaid: lol
dorkdance: Sam would totally be in naked superhero pose.
gwyntastic: Dean would be so pissed off
clex_monkie89: Hee! Yes!
marishnas: and then Dean grabs his balls and twists?
clex_monkie89: OW!
dorkdance: Eee.
avioletmermaid: shocker!
marishnas: I don't know how these things work!
gwyntastic: Such a mean brother
dorkdance: This is, mind you, when Dean's supposed to be giving Sam a bath.
clex_monkie89: Dude. Which one of us here is gonna fic this?
dorkdance: But Sam has decided that naked time is better.
dorkdance: So he's running all over the motel room, with Dean trying to catch him and toss him in the tub.
avioletmermaid: i don't know how to fic
dorkdance: Screaming with laughter the entire time.
dorkdance: Both of them, that is.
avioletmermaid: of course
clex_monkie89: Hee!
marishnas: I thought this started out as - what can Sam get Dean to do for a dollar?
dorkdance: Yep.
gwyntastic: Oooh sammy bath time. I've always wanted to read this.
avioletmermaid: it did
gwyntastic: Yes it did!
gwyntastic: Someone needs to fic that.
clex_monkie89: And meanwhile Dad comes back and everything's soaked.
dorkdance: Maybe Sam could get Dean to have naked time for a dollar.
clex_monkie89: Dude, Dean would *give* a dollar for naked time.
dorkdance: lol
marishnas: I can do it. Although I don't understand the ball kicking.
dorkdance: You know Sam would size up his equipment to Dean's too.
avioletmermaid: it's a boy thing
marishnas: yes, but I have a vag.
marishnas: so... I just don't get boys.
gwyntastic: Boys are stupid. They like kicking other guys balls. It's funny to drop a guy.
dorkdance: Sam: Dean? Why is yours bigger?
gwyntastic: Because I'm cooler than you
marishnas: and yet if you kick another guy in the balls during a fight it's considered dirty pool?
dorkdance: Sam: Dean? Why is Daddy's bigger than yours?
clex_monkie89: I think I may possibly fic it too because it sounds funny. And I have a stories thing started in them already.
gwyntastic: Because he's old.. it falls.. or something
clex_monkie89: Dean: Gravity.
avioletmermaid: LOL
dorkdance: Sam: Dean? Why does it feel funny when I boing mine?
gwyntastic: Don't boing yours sam
gwyntastic: your not old enough
clex_monkie89: Dean: Because you're breaking it and it's gonna get infected and fall off.
dorkdance: Sam: Dean? Do girls have pee-pees too?
gwyntastic: Bwhahahah
gwyntastic: Dean: No, they have... girl thingys.
clex_monkie89: One of my brothers totally told another one it was gonna fall off. Guys are dumb and weird.
gwyntastic: Dean: Dude, we are so not talking about this anymore.
dorkdance: Sam: Why?
gwyntastic: Dean: Because, I said so.
dorkdance: Sam: Why?
gwyntastic: Dean: Because
dorkdance: Sam: Why?
avioletmermaid: Sam: Can girls boing their girly thingys too?
gwyntastic: Dean: Sammy, shut it
dorkdance: Sam: Can I have Lucky Charms for supper?
gwyntastic: Dean: /sighs/ Yes.
dorkdance: Sam: I love you Dean.
dorkdance: *winning grin*
gwyntastic: You win at life
avioletmermaid: yes
dorkdance: Dean: I... uh...
clex_monkie89: You win at life, the universe, and everything.
dorkdance: Sam: Dean? How old do I have to be before I can boing my pee-pee?
gwyntastic: Dean: /groans/ old enough
dorkdance: Sam: As old as you?
gwyntastic: Dean; When you are older than me you can boing your pee-pee
avioletmermaid: Sam: Is it gonna get big like yours? Or bigger?
dorkdance: Dean: Mine will always be biggest.
dorkdance: Sam: Why?
dorkdance: Dean: Because I said so.
dorkdance: Sam: Dean? I don't want my pee-pee to fall off.
gwyntastic: Dean: Here's a dollar, stop talking about your pee-pee.
clex_monkie89: HA! YOU WIN!
dorkdance: Sam: Thanks! *grins again* Dean? How come you boing your pee-pee?
gwyntastic: Dean: SAM!
dorkdance: *dies laughing*
clex_monkie89: Sam didn't get a scholaship, he just paid for it with all his "No more pee-pee talk" money.
gwyntastic: LOL!
gwyntastic: No pee-pee talk savings account
avioletmermaid: Sam: Is your pee-pee going to fall off too?
gwyntastic: Dean: No, I have special anti pee-pee falling off meds. You don't get any, you're not old enough.
dorkdance: Sam: *makes thinking face* Can I buy anti pee-pee falling off meds for a dollar?
gwyntastic: Dean: no
avioletmermaid: Sam: Why?
gwyntastic: Dean: They cost 100 dollars
gwyntastic: Dean; Do you have 100 dollars?
dorkdance: Sam: *frowns* Dean?
gwyntastic: Dean: Yeah?
avioletmermaid: Dean: NO SAMMY
dorkdance: Sam: Can I borrow a hundred dollars?
gwyntastic: Dean: I don't have 100 dollars sammy.
dorkdance: Sam: Oh.
dorkdance: Sam: Dean? When a girl boings your pee-pee does she make the falling-off worse?
gwyntastic: Dean: How the hell do you know about girls boining my pee-pee?
dorkdance: Sam: I don't. I saw a man and a lady, and she was boinging his pee-pee, at the last motel.
dorkdance: Sam: Do girls boing your pee-pee?
marishnas: *snort*
clex_monkie89: Hee
gwyntastic: Dean: Sammy I'm not talking about this with you.
dorkdance: Sam: And a long time ago, like last week, I saw a man boinging another man's pee-pee at another motel. Do boys boing your pee-pee, Dean?
dorkdance: He's like a psychologist.
clex_monkie89: *Claps*
gwyntastic: Dean: Do you want your lucky charms?
avioletmermaid: Sam: If you boing my pee-pee will it still fall off?
dorkdance: Dean: Yes.
dorkdance: Sam: Why?
dorkdance: John: *walks in, preventing Dean from answering another question* Hey, boys.
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy, guess what? I can't boing my pee-pee anymore.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Dean says it'll fall off if I keep boinging it. His won't fall off because he has anti pee-pee falling off meds. But I don't have 100 dollars
avioletmermaid: Sam: Daddy, can I borrow 100 dollars?
gwyntastic: Dean: /facepalm/
clex_monkie89: John: ...
gwyntastic: Dean: /suddenly starts laughing and can't stop/
clex_monkie89: Sam: What's so funny Dean?
gwyntastic: Dean: Your pee-pee is going to fall off
dorkdance: Sam: *earnestly turns toward John* I don't want my pee-pee to fall off, Daddy. I need $100 for the meds.
clex_monkie89: John: *Looks at Sam*
clex_monkie89: John: *Looks at Dean*
kantayra: SMACK!
gwyntastic: Dean: /snickers/
kantayra: :P
clex_monkie89: John: What is wrong with you two?
dorkdance: Sam: ... and Dean said that girls don't have pee-pees, they have girl thingies. What does a girl thingie look like, Daddy?
clex_monkie89: John: Dean. Backseat for the rest of your life.
clex_monkie89: Dean: He started it!
gwyntastic: Dean: If you can give a better answer. Go for it.
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Waits*
clex_monkie89: John: ...
dorkdance: Sam: Do they look like pee-pees?
clex_monkie89: John: No. They look like... Bellybuttons. But... Not.
dorkdance: Sam: *lifts up shirt and pokes own bellybutton* Really?
clex_monkie89: Dean: *Can't stop laughing*
clex_monkie89: John: Stop doing that. Now.
dorkdance: Sam: But if girls don't have pee-pees, then how do they go potty?
clex_monkie89: John: ...They sit down and... go. With their girl parts.
gwyntastic: Dean: oh yeah so much better than what I told him
clex_monkie89: John: Shut up Dean.
dorkdance: Sam: Where do babies come from?
avioletmermaid: Sam: Can I sit down to go potty too?
dorkdance: V wins.
avioletmermaid: yay!
gwyntastic: Dean: if you wanna be a girl, go for it.
clex_monkie89: John: Only when you go number two.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Dean used to go potty sitting down though.
dorkdance: Dean: Shut up, Sam.
dorkdance: Sam: Dean told me to shut up!
dorkdance: John: Shut up, Dean.
clex_monkie89: John: That was because he hurt he pee-pee and couldn't go right.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Because he boinged it too much
avioletmermaid: ?
clex_monkie89: John: *Is not laughing but is shaking*
clex_monkie89: Dean: I did not!
dorkdance: Sam: Where do babies come from, Daddy?
clex_monkie89: John: The hospital.
clex_monkie89: Dean: And garbage cans.
clex_monkie89: John: Dean...
avioletmermaid: Sam: but how do they get there?
dorkdance: Sam: *wide-eyed* You found me in a garbage can?
clex_monkie89: John: Don't listen to your brother, you came from the hospital.
dorkdance: Sam: I don't like hospitals.
clex_monkie89: John: I know kiddo, but that's where we got you from.
clex_monkie89: Dean: *CoughLiarCough*
dorkdance: Sam: Then where did Dean come from?
dorkdance: John: A garbage can.
avioletmermaid: LOL
clex_monkie89: Dean: Hey!
clex_monkie89: John: It's true son, I didn't want to tell you...
avioletmermaid: Sam: is that why he smells funny?
clex_monkie89: Dean: You aren't funny. Either of you.
clex_monkie89: John: Yes, that and hormones.
avioletmermaid: Sam: What are hormones?
dorkdance: I picture Sam asking all of these questions with wide-eyed innocence.
dorkdance: John: They, uh... make you grow hair and make your voice lower.
clex_monkie89: John: The things that make Dean smell funny.
marishnas: I bet Sam missed sex-ed day at every school he was ever enrolled at so he was scrwwed up for awhile.
marishnas: *e
clex_monkie89: You know it's true.
dorkdance: Dean: I don't smell funny!
dorkdance: Sam: Does Dean smell funny because he boings his pee-pee too much?
clex_monkie89: John: ...
dorkdance: Dean: *smack's Sam upside the head*
dorkdance: Sam: *eyes leak big, giant crocodile tears*
dorkdance: Emo even as a child.
gwyntastic: Just kick him in the balls Sam!
clex_monkie89: John: *Smacks Dean upside head* Don't hit your brother.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Aw shit, don't cry Sammy
dorkdance: John: *smacks Dean upside head* Don't swear.
marishnas: Sam: You're mean and you DO smell funny!
clex_monkie89: Sam: *Sniffs*
clex_monkie89: Sam: You smell like a potty!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Do not!
dorkdance: Sam: I hope your pee-pee falls off!
dorkdance: Dean: *looks horrified*
gwyntastic: Dean: Your pee-pee is gonna fall off before mine! You don't have the pee-pee meds!
clex_monkie89: John: You brought this on yourself I'm sure.
clex_monkie89: Sam: But I on't want my pee-pee to fall off! I don't wanna be a girl!
gwyntastic: Dean: You're already a girl.
dorkdance: Sam: Daaaaaaddy!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Am not!
avioletmermaid: Sam: Daddy I'll give you a dollar if you buy me anti pee-pee falling off meds
clex_monkie89: John: Your pee-pee isn't going to fall off. Your brothers probably will one day but not yours.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Hey!
dorkdance: Sam: *sniffs* My pee-pee isn't falling off?
dorkdance: John: No, Sammy.
dorkdance: Sam: Then why does it feel funny when I boing it?
gwyntastic: HAHAHAHHAH!
clex_monkie89: John: ...
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
gwyntastic: oh man dean would never let sam forget he said that
avioletmermaid: Never ever
clex_monkie89: Dean: Yeah Dad, why does it feel funny when he boings it?
marishnas: Poor jessica. She probably had to train that boy from scratch when they got together.
gwyntastic: randomly he'd lean in and ask sam 'hey sammy. Does your pee-pee still feel funny when you boing it?'
clex_monkie89: John: Because you shouldn't be boinging it.
marishnas: "I'm not going to "boing" your "pee-pee", Sam!"
dorkdance: Sam: Then why does Dean boing his?
clex_monkie89: I'm stealing that line BTW. I need to put it in a fic somewhere
dorkdance: Which line?
clex_monkie89: John: Because Dean wants to be a girl.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Hey!
dorkdance: Sam: Do girls smell as funny as Dean does?
marishnas: Dean: I don't smell!
clex_monkie89: John: No, just Dean.
marishnas: John: I still have to tell you about deoderant, don't I>
clex_monkie89: Sam: So girls don't smell funny?
clex_monkie89: Dean: Only some parts.
clex_monkie89: John: *Smacks Dean*
avioletmermaid: Sam: What parts?
dorkdance: John: What would you know about parts of girls, Dean?
dorkdance: Dean: ...
marishnas: Dean: I read... a book?
marishnas: Dean: About... girls?
dorkdance: John: Sam, can Dean read?
clex_monkie89: Sam: No Daddy!
clex_monkie89: Ah. Caps.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Shut up, I can too!
dorkdance: Way to take an active stance in parenting, John.
marishnas: reverse psyhology?
marishnas: *psychology.
dorkdance: Sam: *skips over to his little backpack and pulls out Spot the Dog* Can you read to me, Dean?
clex_monkie89: Dean: No.
dorkdance: Dean: And don't skip. Girls skip.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Please? *Puppy face*
dorkdance: Dean: *sigh* Maybe later, okay Sammy?
dorkdance: Sam: Okay.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Why don't you skip?
clex_monkie89: Dean: What?
clex_monkie89: Sam: Since you wanna be a girl.
clex_monkie89: John: *Smiles*
avioletmermaid: Dean: I DON'T WANT TO BE A GIRL
dorkdance: Sam: *cowers behind John's legs*
clex_monkie89: Sam: But Daddy said so. And Daddy's always right.
dorkdance: Sam: Right, Daddy?
clex_monkie89: John: Right.
dorkdance: Sam: *nods at Dean* Right.
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...You two suck.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Is that like boinging?
dorkdance: Dean: I...
avioletmermaid: OMG
marishnas: John: ......
clex_monkie89: Dean: O.O
dorkdance: John: *waits for Dean's answer*
dorkdance: Dean: No.
dorkdance: Dean: I mean yes.
marishnas: Dean: You're the dad, you explain it.
clex_monkie89: John: Oh it's more fun watching you try.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Well? Is it?
dorkdance: Dean: *scowls*
clex_monkie89: Sam: Is sucking like boinging?
dorkdance: Dean: I'll tell you when you're older.
avioletmermaid: Dean: Here's another dollar. Shut up
clex_monkie89: Sam: I'm older now.
dorkdance: John: Don't tell your brother to shut up.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Yeah! Don't tell me to shut up!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Stop talking about pee-pees.
clex_monkie89: Sam: What does sucking have to do with pee-pees?
avioletmermaid: Dean:....shit
dorkdance: John: Language.
clex_monkie89: John: *Coughing fit*
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy? Are you okay?
clex_monkie89: John: Fine Sammy, just fine.
dorkdance: Sam: Is it a secret?
avioletmermaid: Dean: Yes
clex_monkie89: John: Yes. An adult scret.
dorkdance: Sam: So when I'm an adult, I'll know about sucking?
avioletmermaid: Sam: When can I be an adult?
clex_monkie89: Dean: Never if you're lucky.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Why?
clex_monkie89: Dean: What?
avioletmermaid: Sam: But I want to know what sucking is!
dorkdance: Dean: Don't we all.
dorkdance: John: *turns red*
clex_monkie89: Sam: I bet you don't even *know* what sucking is.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I do too!
clex_monkie89: John: How?
marishnas: Dean: ....
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...That same book?
clex_monkie89: John: Is that a question or an answer?
dorkdance: Dean: *nods*
avioletmermaid: Dean: An answer, Sir
marishnas: John: I don't think I like you reading.
clex_monkie89: Sam: Can I read the book about sucking?
dorkdance: John: Maybe when you're older.
gwyntastic: I'm gonna head out guys. NIGHT!!!
dorkdance: Dean: When did you learn to read?
avioletmermaid: night
clex_monkie89: Night!
*** gwyntastic has left the chat.
marishnas: night1
marishnas: damn.
avioletmermaid: Sam: In school. Duh.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Smartass.
clex_monkie89: John: Dean. Language.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Smartbutt?
dorkdance: *is amused everytime she sees 'John: Dean...' because she knows someone named John Dean*
dorkdance: Sam: What do butts have to do with pee-pees?
dorkdance: Sam: And sucking!
clex_monkie89: Dean: ...
avioletmermaid: Dean: Oh I am not going there
clex_monkie89: John: ...
marishnas: John: *coughs*
clex_monkie89: Dean: I don't know. It wasn't in my book.
dorkdance: Dean: Maybe Dad knows the answer.
clex_monkie89: Sam: I think you need a better book.
avioletmermaid: he doesn't
dorkdance: Sam: But you know everything, Daddy.
clex_monkie89: Stop reading my mind Froggie!
dorkdance: *grins*
clex_monkie89: John: Everything but this.
clex_monkie89: Sam: You said butt.
clex_monkie89: John: Different kind of but Sammy.
marishnas: Sam: A sucking butt?
dorkdance: Sam: There are different kinds of butts?
clex_monkie89: Dean: *Snickers*
dorkdance: *goes with marishnas's*
clex_monkie89: John: Yes. Ask your brother about it. I think it was in his book.
dorkdance: Sam: Dean? Is there such thing as a sucking butt?
clex_monkie89: Dean: I hate you Dad.
clex_monkie89: John: Answer your brother Dean.
dorkdance: Sam: But I love you, Daddy. *smiles big*
marishnas: Dean: I can't say on the sucking butt, but I know there's such a thing as a kiss a-
marishnas: John: Dean!
avioletmermaid: Sam: A kissing butt?
dorkdance: Sam: Is it a sucking pee-pee and a kissing butt, or a kissing pee-pee and a sucking butt?
clex_monkie89: John: ...
clex_monkie89: Dean: I bet you could get both if you had enough money.
clex_monkie89: John: ...Excuse me?
dorkdance: Dean: It was in the book?
avioletmermaid: Sam: I have 2 dollars!
dorkdance: John: That's nice, Sammy.
clex_monkie89: John: You're never going to see that book again.
dorkdance: Sam: Can I buy a sucking butt for $2?
marishnas: Dean: I'm sure on a street corner somewhere there's-
marishnas: John: DEAN!
dorkdance: Sam: Daddy? Know what I wanna be when I grow up?
marishnas: John: no?
avioletmermaid: John: I'm afraid to ask. But ok...
dorkdance: Sam: I wanna be a doctor. I bet they know what a sucking butt is.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I bet they do too.
dorkdance: Sam: Not like my dumb brother.
clex_monkie89: John: But doctors work in hospitals Sammy.
clex_monkie89: Dean: I'm not dumb!
dorkdance: Sam: I don't like hospitals. Who else knows what a sucking butt is?
clex_monkie89: Dean: He called me dumb! Dad?
clex_monkie89: John: Maybe one of your brother's lady-friends does. Do they Dean?
clex_monkie89: Dean: They have some pretty nice books.
dorkdance: Sam: Think I could read them?
avioletmermaid: Dean: No
clex_monkie89: Dean: No.
clex_monkie89: John: No.
avioletmermaid: Sam: Why?
clex_monkie89: Sam: Why not?
avioletmermaid: John: You're not old enough
clex_monkie89: V is brain reading me again!
avioletmermaid: sorry!
clex_monkie89: Sam: When can I be old enough?
marishnas: John: Never.
dorkdance: Dean: When you have chest hair.
dorkdance: Sam: But you don't have chest hair, Dean.
clex_monkie89: Dean: Do too!
dorkdance: Sam: Do not!
clex_monkie89: Dean: Do too!
avioletmermaid: John: Boys!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Daddy, Dean's lying!
dorkdance: John: Don't lie to your brother, Dean.
avioletmermaid: Dean: I am not!
clex_monkie89: Sam: Yuh-huh! You don;t have chest hair!
dorkdance: Dean: I do too! I've got three of 'em!
avioletmermaid: Sam: I don't see them!
clex_monkie89: John: Did you name them?

Part two.
Tags: fandom:, fcuk chat, fic, insanity, supernatural

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