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</a></b></a>sacrilicious: ... I'll finish the rest when I'm more awake and less cracked-out ;-)
</a></b></a>marishna: lol
</a></b></a>marishna: crack is whack, yo.
</a></b></a>clex_monkie89: Hee, yay!
</a></b></a>sacrilicious: word
</a></b></a>marishna: PADDYWHACK.
</a></b></a>clex_monkie89: to your mother.
</a></b></a>marishna: HOMG I'm lame.
</a></b></a>sacrilicious: </a></b></a>marishna (1:41:02 AM): PADDYWHACK.</a></b></a>clex_monkie89 (1:41:06 AM): to your mother
</a></b></a>sacrilicious: best thing ever
</a></b></a>clex_monkie89: It was awesome timing.
</a></b></a>sacrilicious: Paddywhack to your mother is my new saying.
</a></b></a>marishna: Paddywhack to your mother!
</a></b></a>sacrilicious: I want a tshirt that says that
</a></b></a>clex_monkie89: Dude, so do I.
</a></b></a>sacrilicious: there's always
</a></b></a>sacrilicious: LOL
</a></b></a>avioletmermaid: we should all wear matching t-shirts that say Paddywhack to your mother
</a></b></a>avioletmermaid: we'll start a new trend
</a></b></a>clex_monkie89: Dude I'd totally do it if I had that shirt.
</a></b></a>sacrilicious: me too.
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