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Spiderman 2 kicked ass! The fight scenes were better, the romance was even good (Die-hard anti-chick saying this), and I was actually bouncing at parts! I need this movie like a month ago.

He slapped him! In front of everyone! Twice! Lovers quarrel!

Aww! Harry loved lusted was mad that his sekrit luvah 4Evr!!1!eleventyone!!! best friend liked a girl wouldn't tell him who Spidey was!

"I'M BACK! I'M BACK! *Oompf, crash, bang, bounce offa walls and cars** MY BACK! My back..."

Dude! He stopped that fucking train! He almost fucking killed himself! That was my absolute favorite scene, from "Any more bright ideas?" to the fact that HE HAD HIS FUCKING MASK OFF! And yes, it did take a moment and a prod from my brother for me to realize that.

And then he passes out and everybody gently passes him back and sets him down. Wow. You could feel the love. And when Random Dude #S said "He's just a kid, no older than my son." It dawned on me. I keep mentally turning him into Comic!Spidey but he's only 20 years old in this. sanrei is his age. seven_flower and sakura_aideen are older then him. At this point I get a whole new level of respect and WAFFY love for him.

Okay, more details later probably. Damn that movie rocked!
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