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This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and than pass out letters to those who want to play along.

jyuu_chan gave me "D."

1) Dean Winchester - I have so much love for him it's insane. He's a smartass, he's cocky, he's snarky, he hates talking about girly shit and he's one of the biggest woobies ever. I'd say I'm a Dean girl but really that whole fucking family totally owns me, Dean just showed up to claim it first.

2) Dude - A word which I'm sure one or two of you here may have noticed I use every once in a while. Like Bill S. Preston Esquire, like Ted "Theodore" Logan, like Hugo "Hurley" Reyes I know my nice all-purpose word. I call everyone dude, I use it a way of expressing outrage, surprise, anger, annoyance, boredom and pretty much everything else I can think of.

I even used to get in trouble in my Dorm for calling the R.A.s (All of whom were female ont he female's side) dude because "Young lady I am not a 'dude' I am a 'dudette' and it is disrespectful to call me either." T'cha. Whatever.

3) Drawing - For years and year and years I drew. I loved to draw and some people thought I was good at it. I drew shonen style and shojou and I mixed and matched and made my own and I was kinda learning American style again too. I had everything I had drawn in... God somewhere around ten years of my life. Every single thing and I never threw anything out

and I only gave away copies.

Then one day I got them all stolen and I haven't really "drawn" anything in about... two years or so, with the exception of a fwe days here and there. My heart just isn't in it anymore and I can't remember ever draswing anything I didn't think was complete shit.

4) Damage - It's another one of my words. Much in the same vein as my "dude" thing I tend to add things on to other words. Gripeage, squeeage, etc. Damage is more savere than damn. Much like dammit but not. It's damage.

5) Dorks - Love a good Dork, they rock majorly and are big, giant goobers. Dean's a big Dork and so is Sam sometimes ("OH MY GOD! ...That painting it's... beautiful."). Sadly while Dominic Purcell is a big Dork Lincoln isn't really. Tweener's a Dork though, Sucre


6) Dumbass - This is another one of my fun things to say. Part of this comes from Red from That 70's Show and part of it comes from that old commercial ("I can bring a lot to Dumbass and Dumbass! So, what do you say?" "...The name, is Doo-mahs."), it's a nice

low-level insult.

7) Drink - Something I want right now. I just spent my last sixteen fucking dollars buying blank CDs to burn shit onto because this library sucks cock hard. I can't afford to go get anything to drink even if I wanted to stand in front of the library and chug it.

8) DVDs - I like movies. A lot. So much so that I think next semester I might take a two and a half hour Contemporary Cinema class for my humanities credit. Lately I like the mindless fun things like Road Trip, Grind, Euortrip and Harold and Kumar amoing others. But this doesn't mean I don't love me some nice, plotty shit.

9) Donnie Darko - An awesome movie with an awesome cast and I feel very happy that I can actually explain much of it to people.

10) Done - Because whether it's checking your FList, finishing a meme, finishing a drawing or finishing a story it's an awefully nice feeling to have. Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you can heave a nice sigh of relief again.

Give me a letter and tell me if you'd like one back, this is more fun than it looks like.

Also? I now have Elissa's phone number. *Evil grin* I think I want to spam her randomly now but would like it if I didn't get her in trouble at work. Not sure what to do...

Still cranky. Want food and drink, would love if I didn't have to spend an hour home on the fucking bus in however long it takes me to finish burning all of Supernatural and the latest of Prison Break.
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