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avioletmermaid: With the help of the nuns she raised all her children, never letting them forget just how beautiful their fathers were.
dorkdance: 52 kids, named: We need a list of names.
avioletmermaid: I think it's done
clex_monkie89: Ace of hearts, Ace of spades...
dorkdance: :-(
dorkdance: lmao
dorkdance: *writes list*
clex_monkie89: Poor Two of Spades...
jabtatra: lol
dorkdance: The last one should be named Bob.
sacrilicious: YES
clex_monkie89: Mustn't fprget aou Bobbert either, hHe was always a little off.
marishnas: Poor Mary Winchester.
dorkdance: *votes that we pick completely random and totally complex names -- all except for Bob*
jabtatra: *looks up online baby name list*
clex_monkie89: Dude. I think I love you Frogie
jabtatra: 52 of them?
marishnas: Xenu.
jyuu_chan: Are they all boys?
jabtatra: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
jyuu_chan: HAHAHA
clex_monkie89: Siru!
clex_monkie89: And Suri!
jabtatra: of *course*, they're all boys!
dorkdance: LMAO
sacrilicious: Greir
marishnas: Greyhound.
dorkdance: 52 strapping sons.
jyuu_chan: Clyde, Miriam, Ashley
marishnas: Christophe.
clex_monkie89: Chipatobley!
sacrilicious: Christobel
jabtatra: Ezekiel, Jebediah
marishnas: Paddington.
jyuu_chan: hahaha
jabtatra: Zacharias
marishnas: Johnson.
marishnas: Seymour
jyuu_chan: Damien
clex_monkie89: Alianna Preciousa Binkke
marishnas: Harrington.
sacrilicious: Paris
jabtatra: Assurbanipal, Assurnasirpal, Tigaleth-Pilesar
clex_monkie89: Blake
sacrilicious: Achilles
clex_monkie89: Blair
marishnas: Steve.
jyuu_chan: Toby
clex_monkie89: Blaine, Malochai
avioletmermaid: Milo
marishnas: Otis!
jabtatra: Romeo, Romero
sacrilicious: Lance
jyuu_chan: Terracotta
clex_monkie89: Joe-Jack
jabtatra: Bruce
clex_monkie89: Johnina!
marishnas: Dane.
jabtatra: John-Quincy
marishnas: Orsen.
jyuu_chan: (hahaha)
clex_monkie89: Mary!
marishnas: Wentworth!
sacrilicious: Own
clex_monkie89: (Had too)
sacrilicious: damn Owen
jyuu_chan: Jenny
clex_monkie89: Jensen!
jabtatra: (nooooooooo! *is named mary*)
jabtatra: Jared!
clex_monkie89: Padalecki!
sacrilicious: Chad Michael
marishnas: and Murray.
jyuu_chan: MAYHEM
clex_monkie89: PADDYWHACK II
jabtatra: Bambi
marishnas: Olsen.
clex_monkie89: Chuck Norris!
jabtatra: heeeeeeeeeeee!
marishnas: Jack Baur.
jyuu_chan: ACKLES
marishnas: Bauer.
avioletmermaid: Bennifer
jabtatra: Jack Bristow!
marishnas: FrAckles.
clex_monkie89: FRaCKLES
jabtatra: lol
sacrilicious: YES
jyuu_chan: Vin
jabtatra: is that 52 yet?
clex_monkie89: Deisel Vins!
marishnas: 47 and a half.
avioletmermaid: Diesel
clex_monkie89: And Dorsel Vins!
jabtatra: Gasoline!
jyuu_chan: Unleaded
sacrilicious: Premuim!
jabtatra: Impala!
clex_monkie89: Fuel, Fire, and Desiere
avioletmermaid: Chervolet!
marishnas: Electric.
jyuu_chan: Hybrid
jabtatra: Unicorn-pegasis II
clex_monkie89: Metallicar!
clex_monkie89: Brittenay
jyuu_chan: Monty Cora
avioletmermaid: Impalla!
sacrilicious: Lars
jyuu_chan: Henley
clex_monkie89: Princess Perrywinkle!
avioletmermaid: Clex
marishnas: Chance.
jyuu_chan: Dallas
clex_monkie89: Westley! Buttercup!
marishnas: Chase.
jyuu_chan: Austin
jabtatra: Target
clex_monkie89: House!
marishnas: Colby.
clex_monkie89: Apartment!
avioletmermaid: Weevil
jabtatra: Snoopy
jyuu_chan: Amarikko
jyuu_chan: *Amarillo
jyuu_chan: although Amarikko is fine as well.
clex_monkie89: LeMont Beuabeior
marishnas: Winston.
jyuu_chan: Angel
jabtatra: Bunni
avioletmermaid: Jean Claude
clex_monkie89: Glock!
jyuu_chan: Sig Sauer
clex_monkie89: Chlamydia!
clex_monkie89: Tawny!
sacrilicious: Machete
marishnas: Syphilis/
jabtatra: Gonnerhia!
clex_monkie89: Wauverka!
jyuu_chan: Herpes
dorkdance: Mayhem is 52.
jabtatra: Connect-the-Herpe!
marishnas: Damn.
avioletmermaid: lol
jyuu_chan: hahaha
clex_monkie89: GohneSyphaHerpIlAIDs!
avioletmermaid: yes
dorkdance: Bob needs to replace Mayhem.
jyuu_chan: Paige?
jabtatra: but bob is last, right?
marishnas: yes,
jabtatra: yes
jyuu_chan: :-(
dorkdance: We can dump Jenny?
jabtatra: sure
dorkdance: We have Jensen right after.
jabtatra: dump the less stupid ones
sacrilicious: OH GOD clex, I thought I was the only one who said "gonnsyphaherpaids"
clex_monkie89: Wee need FRaCKLES and frAckles though
dorkdance: Yes.
jabtatra: yes
sacrilicious: yes
dorkdance: And Diesel Vins and Dorsel Vins.
jabtatra: heeeeeee!
sacrilicious: those are essential
sacrilicious: I like Gasoline too
clex_monkie89: Dude, "gonnsyphaherpaids" is one of the best things ever to say!
dorkdance: lol
clex_monkie89: This is ridiculous fun
sacrilicious: I've got my MOM saying it......that and "I hope you slip and fall in a puddle of aids"
avioletmermaid: way too much
clex_monkie89: I know someone who threatens to beat people with a bag of herpes.
dorkdance: Bennifer instead of Lance.
marishnas: *dies*
dorkdance: I think tiat's it.
dorkdance: *that
jabtatra: wheeeee!
avioletmermaid: yey!
clex_monkie89: TihmAy?
sacrilicious: LOL
sacrilicious: oh we MUST name one Spederline
clex_monkie89: I'm actually snorting trying not to laugh
clex_monkie89: Can we name the drooling, lazy one KayFed?
sacrilicious: YES
avioletmermaid: yes! please Spederline
clex_monkie89: Do we have onw named HoBag yet?
clex_monkie89: I'm totally copyong and pasting the "Naming Ceremony" BTW.
jabtatra: lol
jabtatra: good plan!
dorkdance: We have a Spederline.
jabtatra: 'cause that was pure, insane GENIUS at work
avioletmermaid: it was
clex_monkie89: Yay! Spederline!
sacrilicious: I try
You have just entered room "ohhhhhhhfcuk."
jabtatra: eep! clex!
clex_monkie89: Stupid net. I saw AE's: "I try" last.
avioletmermaid: LOL
jabtatra: *duct tapes to chat*
clex_monkie89: *Is duct taped
clex_monkie89: *
avioletmermaid: *clings to Clex*
jyuu_chan: *staples for good measure*
sacrilicious: ::handcuffs clex to chat::
clex_monkie89: *Clings to V and is stapled too*
dorkdance: And it should go directly after Paris.
sacrilicious: yes
clex_monkie89: *And handcuffed*
clex_monkie89: Wow. It's just like being in class!
You have just entered room "ohhhhhhhfcuk."
clex_monkie89: Dude. Lame. I think I got ripped by a staple.
jabtatra: Patroclus
sacrilicious: Patroclus
dorkdance: Thanks!
clex_monkie89: ?
dorkdance: *replaces Toby with Patroclus*
sacrilicious: oh name one Glorificus
dorkdance: There goes Blaine.
clex_monkie89: Last I saw was my own: "Wow. It's just like being in class!"
dorkdance: Any suggestions for Dane?
jabtatra: and Spleniforous!
clex_monkie89: Great Dane Dukey?
dorkdance: Okey doke.
jabtatra: *splendiforous
dorkdance: My spell checker in Semagic is going NUTS.
jabtatra: lol
clex_monkie89: Hee!
dorkdance: OMG DONE WTF.

And: The Fic.
Tags: fandom:, fcuk chat, insanity, supernatural

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