BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Best. Chat. Ever.

Tonight, in Fcuk chat...

clexmonkie: I hate Sammy. He's not cooperating with me right now. I think he needs a choking.
VioletMermaid16: *chokes*
VioletMermaid16: ....better?
Jyuu Chan: He always gets choked!
Jyuu Chan: If it's not learned him yet, it ain't gonna work now!
clexmonkie: *Checks story* Nope. He's still not cooperating.
Architects Eyes: Try throwing him into a wall....That usually works on Dean
VioletMermaid16: maybe you should cock slap him instead
Architects Eyes: OH or hit him with furiture
Jyuu Chan: Give him a migraine!
Architects Eyes: I second the cockslap
clexmonkie: Dean's cooperating surprisingly well, I think it;s his lack of bitchyness. Sammy's being all pouty and I can't think of why.
VioletMermaid16: it's because he wants Dean to cock slap him
clexmonkie: Dude. Dean's trying to explain to John why Young!Sammy doesn't wanna leave town. No mentions of cock-slapping.
clexmonkie: Not now.
VioletMermaid16: there will be
clexmonkie: But Dean wont tell John that.
clexmonkie: I hate this fic.
VioletMermaid16: awww I'm sorry
clexmonkie: It's a big stupid-head.
Architects Eyes: cockslapping solves everything
VioletMermaid16: it really does
VioletMermaid16: maybe you should try cock slapping the fic
Architects Eyes: with The Thruster!
VioletMermaid16: OMG yes
clexmonkie: I can't, my friend Aiden doesn't have his cock yet.
VioletMermaid16: the Thruster
VioletMermaid16: lol what
clexmonkie: Dude. That felt like such an odd sentence to type.
Architects Eyes: i'd imagine
VioletMermaid16: it looks odd
Jyuu Chan: *snickers*
clexmonkie: He's non-op FtM, and lacking the $80 for the cock.
clexmonkie: fake, not real.
Architects Eyes: oh dude, I had to tell my friend Aaron about the cockslapping stuff.....and his response was excellent
Architects Eyes: ahefler1 (11:30:24 PM): Damn, you "Supernatural" fans are almost as twisted as Harry Potterites.
VioletMermaid16: oooh
clexmonkie: Ha!
Kantayra: uh... not even close o.O
clexmonkie: Not by a mile
VioletMermaid16: that is so not true
Jyuu Chan: give us a couple more seasons.
Kantayra: as soon as there's scat, incest, skullfucking, *then* SN will have a shot
VioletMermaid16: tell him there is cock slapping everywhere
Kantayra: but not until
Architects Eyes: i just told him that we only write skullfucking
VioletMermaid16: he just doesn't notice it
Kantayra: lol
clexmonkie: Dude. We've already got the incest.
clexmonkie: No skullfucking. Yet.
Kantayra: incest is *nothing* without the scat scullfucking!
VioletMermaid16: note the yet
Architects Eyes: LOL
Architects Eyes: HAHA
Architects Eyes: oh this entire exchange is so going in my LJ
Kantayra: yat! :D
VioletMermaid16: i was just thinking that
Jyuu Chan: Mmm, brains.
Architects Eyes: don't feed zombie Jesus
clexmonkie: Mine too, it's perfectly descriptive of this chat.
clexmonkie: Jesus or Jesus?
Architects Eyes: LOL
VioletMermaid16: or how about a hybrid of both

rainofroggies: The Official MarySue name for the SN fandom is: Princess Anjelika Rosalita Mildred Vaginapants.
Kantayra: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
clexmonkie: Hee
kallysten2: lol
Marishnas: lmao
Jyuu Chan: *giggles*
Marishnas: but what colour eyes does she have?
rainofroggies: Green, with violet sparkles.
Kantayra: One violet, one pink!
Marishnas: nice.
rainofroggies: SPARKLES.
clexmonkie: And they glow in the dark!
Architects Eyes: GLITTER
Kantayra: yes, sparkles
rainofroggies: Yes.
Marishnas: I bet they glow when she's angry, right?
Kantayra: yes!
Architects Eyes: and they change color!
rainofroggies: She can blow pink, fruit-scented bubbles out her ears.
Kantayra: and she has wings, like siren!dean!
Kantayra: but less funny
clexmonkie: You know eyes that change color is a tip-off of a different personality taking control in something with MPD/DID
rainofroggies: Her hair is platinum or scarlet or raven or chestnut.
clexmonkie: Crimson.
Architects Eyes: and is always FLOWING
Kantayra: platinum *and* scarlet
rainofroggies: Depending on her mood.
Kantayra: streaked
rainofroggies: With raven ends.
clexmonkie: The hair is almost always crimson at times.
kallysten2: how about plantinum?
Kantayra: and, PLEASE, but it's plantinum!
Kantayra: hee! squishy!
kallysten2: lol
rainofroggies: She rides a fairy princess ponydog.
rainofroggies: Ice Dragons named Lulu were in short supply when she was looking for a riding critter.
Kantayra: pegasus!
clexmonkie: And is a member of the house of Sparkleypoo? On exchange back to America?
Kantayra: unicorn pegasus!
Marishnas: which makes her the perfect hunting companion to Sam and Dean.
rainofroggies: Yes. With SOLID GOLD hooves.
Architects Eyes: and she shoots better than Dean
Kantayra: *pink* solid gold hooves!
Architects Eyes: and gets visions
rainofroggies: And she can FLY.
Kantayra: and she's a better researcher than sam
Marishnas: and she can stop bullets, a la Nemo.
Marishnas: Neo.
Marishnas: whatever.
clexmonkie: Hee
rainofroggies: Nemo.
clexmonkie: Nemo.
kallysten2: lmao
rainofroggies: *nods sagely*
Kantayra: hee! the goldfish stops bullets!
Marishnas: I was close!
VioletMermaid16: Nemo is awesome
clexmonkie: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming
Marishnas: I actually had a fish named Neo.
clexmonkie: 42 Walaby Way, Sydney.
rainofroggies: And Dean and Sam are in love with her, but not John because he's like, way too old for her and junk. *flips hair*
Marishnas: But he treats her like a daughter!
VioletMermaid16: wow monkie even I don't remember that
Marishnas: and would be proud to give her away at the wedding!
rainofroggies: A fairy princess daughter that he always wanted!
rainofroggies: Where she marries Sam and Dean.
clexmonkie: That's cause I'm a complete Geek V
VioletMermaid16: and here I thought I was
Architects Eyes: OR maybe she's their long lost sister
Kantayra: threeway wedding, w00t!
rainofroggies: But her unicorn pegasus with *pink* solid gold hooves has a terrible past.
Kantayra: threeway INCEST wedding! :D
VioletMermaid16: and also a MERMAID
rainofroggies: See, the unicorn pegasus with pink solid gold hooves was once just a lowly racehorse with a plastic surgery addiction.
clexmonkie: Hee!
Kantayra: lol
Architects Eyes: LOL
Kantayra: OMG! The unicorn pegasus with pink solid gold hooves can marry the Impala! :D
clexmonkie: XD
Kantayra: OTP 4EVA!
clexmonkie: *Ded*
rainofroggies: Oh! And at the wedding, a guy wearing tweed bursts into the ceremony and says, "WAIT!"
clexmonkie: Giles?
rainofroggies: And then he tells Princess Anjelika Rosalita Mildred Vaginapants that she is THE SLAYER.
Kantayra: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Marishnas: She must choose!
clexmonkie: This is the best Mary Sue fic EVAR.
kallysten2: *dies*
Architects Eyes: SERIOUSLY
VioletMermaid16: SERIOUSLY
VioletMermaid16: loo
VioletMermaid16: lol
Kantayra: (ok, seriously, who's posting this chat in their lj? because it needs to be preserved in fcuk chatdom)
clexmonkie: This goes in the journal too.
rainofroggies: *volunteers*
Kantayra: go, magz, go!
clexmonkie: *Volunteers also*
Kantayra: w00t!
Kantayra: spread the crazy!
VioletMermaid16: I probably will
Architects Eyes: I just posted the whole cockslapping debate in mine
Kantayra: hee
rainofroggies: But while she's trying to decide, A VAMPIRE BREAKS IN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.
Kantayra: on fire?
VioletMermaid16: ANGEL?
Marishnas: Does he bite Sam and/or Dean?
VioletMermaid16: or both
Kantayra: Angle wants to marry her too! OMG!
rainofroggies: It is SPIKE. Only he's hot, like he was in season 2, and he throws his smouldering blanket to the ground and declares that he LOVES Princess... blah.
Marishnas: And then she has to choose even MORE?
Kantayra: And Spiek!
rainofroggies: Anjelika Rosalita Mildred Vaginapants.
Kantayra: and Legless! OMG!
VioletMermaid16: she should just marry everyone
Kantayra: she so should
rainofroggies: And then she has lots of OMG BABBIES.
Kantayra: because she's so perfecly
kallysten2: like Anita Blake!
Kantayra: YES!
Marishnas: OMG.
Kantayra: omg! it would be *unfair* of her not to marry everyone, given how wonderful she is
Marishnas: Does she have spasms?
VioletMermaid16: THIS IS AWESOME
Architects Eyes: Must share the hotness - completely spoiler free pic from Devil's Trap.....Dean in hot ripped jeans
Marishnas: and she's OMGTIGHT?
Kantayra: just like Anita realized! :D
Architects Eyes: hahaha
Kantayra: and a magic vagina that squirts when she comes?
VioletMermaid16: ok ew
rainofroggies: Dude, her last name is vaginapants.
Architects Eyes: LOL
clexmonkie: Ew~!
Architects Eyes: and her vagina tastes like strawberries and CANDY
VioletMermaid16: so her pants are made of vaginas
rainofroggies: Actually, I guess it's now Vaginapants-Winchester-Winchester-The Bloody.
kallysten2: but what will her name be once she marries them all?
Kantayra: heeeeeeeeeeee!
VioletMermaid16: or there are vaginas in her oants
kallysten2: that answers my question
VioletMermaid16: lol
Marishnas: oants?
VioletMermaid16: pants!
Marishnas: oh.
Marishnas: LMAO
VioletMermaid16: LOL
Kantayra: oants are like pants with oats in them! :D
Marishnas: YES!
rainofroggies: And Giles is like, "But you are the SLAYER, Princess Anjelika Rosalita Mildred Vaginapants-Winchester-Winchester-The Bloody! You're supposed to SLAY vampires, not MARRY them!"
clexmonkie: Dude. Vaginapants-The Bloody-Winchester-Winchester woul be MUCH better.
Kantayra: or maybe their oat-covered ants... *anteaters perk up(
rainofroggies: What about The Bloody-Vaginapants-Winchester-Winchester?
Kantayra: she doesn't use a tampon? :P
Marishnas: Winchester-The Bloody-Vaginapants-Winchester.
clexmonkie: Hee, that's even better
VioletMermaid16: OMG
rainofroggies: What happens when ZOMG THE ACKLES shows up and demands that she marry HIM, too?
Marishnas: could you imagine being in the middle of THAT marriage bed?
clexmonkie: XD
Marishnas: jesus christ.
VioletMermaid16: giant orgy!
Marishnas: You'd never find your way out of teh sex.
VioletMermaid16: FTW!
Kantayra: and not in a good way, amazingly o.O
rainofroggies: You know, I would crawl out and sit on the edge of the bed and watch my hubbies go at it.
Architects Eyes: and of course PADDYWHACK must have her as well
VioletMermaid16: good idea
Marishnas: they'd be all- Where's the vag? But no one would care.
Marishnas: Poor Vaginapants.
Marishnas: She'd be distraught.
Marishnas: Her boys no longer need her.
rainofroggies: So then she'd go off and join a convent.
VioletMermaid16: but...the hotness
Marishnas: yes.
Marishnas: the boys have each other.
Architects Eyes: over and over again
rainofroggies: A convent for people married to demon hunters and vampires, and for their fake!unicorn pegasuses with pink solid gold hooves.
Architects Eyes: oh look, here comes Chris Kane to join the orgy
VioletMermaid16: lol
rainofroggies: And they all live happily ever after.
clexmonkie: That's it. *Kills Vaginapants and takes the orgy for herself*
rainofroggies: Except Princess Anjelika Rosalita Mildred Winchester-The Bloody-Vaginapants-Winchester, who is now going as Sister Prudence.
Jyuu Chan: ...I hate when I wander back and things are more confusing.
clexmonkie: *Cackles*

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