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And now for a slightly less depressing update...

Dear Diary,

I finally understand THE PADDYWHACK. I think he may be Chuck Noris' hot love-child.


Teh Meh.
The Drugs of Fandom.
It's Official. Me and Elissa have lost out fucking minds.
I miss Aiden and Kygn. *Hugs them both*
I'm an evil bitch and I goaded Amanda into making twistedtrifecta. I'm co-modding that too.
Third day into the Supernatural Pilot. I've almost got a full nother two minutes on it.
Suri Xenu L. Ronnette Holmes-Cruise has just completed the spawn-cycle. WTF? Why must all "celebrities" name their children like bad fic writers?
Finished Nine and started Ten of the SPN fic.
Sophie's not coming on Saturday. And she doesn't want Mom to call anymore because we're coming on too strong apparently. Ignore that she found us. She has our number though. She said she doesn't want anything to do with Bryon too but then she asked for his address at the prison. If she hurts him I swear I may actually physically hurt her.
For some reason? I really like Wincest!genderswap!Hetsex. I blame this on apocalypsos. Because this is the first time in a long time that I've actively read het as a main pairing without feeling icked.
Apparently my Grandma's gonna buy me a new phone for my birthday.

I feel... really bad about that. Because I haven't called her in like, a month. Mainly because I owe a lot of money to the library and I told her I would take care of it but I haven't and I can't bring myself to talk to her without feeling like complete scum.

And now I feel like complete scum anyway.
I have Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Seriously, that's like a solid month of Dares right there. I wish y'all were here with me so we could play.

I need to get more. I haven't opened them yet, I am seriously a magnet for the vomit ones, I swear, but I already need more.
I want to give Sam and Dean allergies and injuries and I want to figure out exactly what is on Sam's iPod and what he listens to and when and why. I'm thinking there will be another post on this in mere moments.
It occurs to me that I have a lot of new people on my FList out there. If anyone out there wants to know anything about me or if I say anything that peaks your interest feel free to ask away. I won't be angry or embarrassed or anything. Feel free to do it anonymously if you want to.
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