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Demotivational speech up ahead, beware.

I will not let the little things get to me.

I will not let the little things get to me.

I will not let the little things get to me.

I will not let the little things get to me.

I will shut that little voice in the back of my head up and I will not let the little things get to me.


And my phone is still dead too. Not that it matters because I only ever call my Mom and I can't do that most of the time because her bosses are tools.

I'm in a bad mood. It's my birthday on Saturday and so I have a reason to be bitchy, my birthdays notoriously suck.

Last year for my birthday me and Joseph and a bunch of our friends were supposed to go out and go to the mall and see a movie and eat.

Joseph decided he wanted to go see his girlfriend. And she threw a bitchfit. So my birthday? Was postponed a lot of hours and then I ended up paying for dinner and using movie passes for some of our friends because otherwise they didn't want to go.

Joseph is going to be in Flagstaff at a pre-release with some of his friends on Saturday so he said that me and him and Andy are gonna go see Silent Hill on Saturday. Then Andy couldn't come cause he had to help his brother move, then he could, then he couldn't, now he can and I don't even fucking care anymore really. I know Joseph and it's really not worth it, I'm gonna get my hopes up and either he's gonna blow me off or we're gonna go and he and Andy are gonna sit in the very back like always and I'm gonna be alone in the middle (I have to sit in the middle seat in the middle row of the theater, it's an OCD thing of mine) and it would be a waste of money cause I can go to a movie on Saturday by myself for free if I show my fricken' ID.

Ma wants to take me to go get my hair dyed on Saturday but I don't wanna. I wanna get my hair dyed but it's gonna be between one and two hundred dollars and I just don't wanna spend that kinda money on shit like that. I'm gonna get it dyed and people at school are gonna see it for another two weeks and then I'm going to sit at home until the end of May and then CJ is gonna see it and then no one else is going to see it until the middle/end of August because I will have literally no reason to leave the house again until school starts (With the exception of walking to Walgreens).

Ma wants me to get my hair dyed because the last birthday she was around to celebrate was 16. I don't remember what, if anything, we did then but I know it wasn't big. She was in prison for seventeen and eighteen and she got out a week after my nineteenth birthday. She wants to spend a lot of money on this because she thinks that it'll make everything better or something and while I do wanna get my hair done that's a lot of money and we're already pretty fucked in that department. She needs to buy ring for CJ and have a thousand dollars in the bank for when he gets out and we're gonna have to spend three hundred fucking dollars renting a car for the entire fucking week just to pick him up because it's Memorial Day Weekend and no one's open like, at all that weekend.

Sophie (And my new almost 6-year-old niece Emerie and almost two-year-old nephew Gavin) might come over on Saturday and we may all go out to eat. I doubt that she'll come though because... yeah. It's been six years since we saw her last so she's a little scared I think.

Ugh. Okay, yeah. Ignore this, I'm just feeling bitchy and liking this mouthpiece.
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