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Fluffy Bunny Vomit

Woke up late today and went to class.

We had a test the we got given last Monday that was due today. Me and like, everyone else in class today did it when we got there this morning. :P

Also? In that same class? I had one of the biggest Geek Outs in a while. We were given a packet that had all of the College Safety Incidents at the school from December 4th, 2005 up till April 15th, 2006. On Wednesday we're supposed to do a SARA on it; which basically means that we're supposed to figure out what the biggest problems we have on campus are.

I color-coded it with highlighters (Green for theft, pink for injury/illness, orange for an incident involving a verbal or physical altercation, yellow for trespassing and blue for something involving a car) and then tallied them up and ranked them in order of frequency and marked the ones that are borderline.

I did the entire assignment that we're supposed to on Wednesday in like, fifteen minutes.

I may have gone a little overboard.
Prison Break is on tonight and I don't want to watch it because I know that we're gonna get to the last minute and get a cliff-hanger and I'm going to scream like a little girl.
That and because the first thing in my mind will be: Is it Next Monday yet?
Got Chucky a Tonka Basket for when they get home. Got Ajax a big, soft, fluffy bunny too.
Got a white chocolate bunny. I think white chocolate is completely disgusting unless it has cookie bitsy in it but I seem to have forgotten this. There's not much left. I hate it and it tastes nasty but chocolate is chocolate and I hate wasting.
And my cell phone has just died. Fucking damage. When I say "died?" I mean that in the middle of calling a number it turned off and now it won't turn on because it's an evil fucking whore.
Watching Malcolm In The Middle now, totally love this show. it's the one with Francis' date with the twelve-year-old and the chemical spill back in town.
Eight and two into Twelve Times Dad Threatened to Turn The Car Around (And Three Times Dean Almost Rode In The Trunk). I have ten, eleven and twelve planned out but I can't make myself skip over nine to get to them. Fucking story.
Spent the day thinking about College!Sam on a road trip with Jess and his friends. I see them all getting free food a couple of times because of Sam (Someone who remembered something that happened the last time Sam came through with Dad and Dean or something) and I see Sam ducking low when he sees The Impala near them on the highway.

I also see them not being able to get a room once or twice because Sam walked into the office and someone recognized him from some sort of trouble/thrashed room/whatever from the last time he was there.

I don't wanna write this, really I don't.
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