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The O.C. and other urban legends

Fell asleep in chat last night. Stupid Sominex.

Spent... about five hours trying to watch the Supernatural pilot. Only made it like twenty-six minutes in. I kept having to pause it when I got booted offline because the connection sound is fucking nuts.

Watching The O.C. again. Episode... like 18 or 19. Beginning of the end of The Oliver episodes. I totally love Luke here. And Ryan. Marissa's a fucking moron but very teenage-girl like, which is coincidently why she's such a fucking moron.

Eight and two into Twelve Times Dad Threatened to Turn The Car Around (And Three Times Dean Almost Rode In The Trunk). Sammy has never had front seat in his life until he left for Stanford.

We were talking about The Hitchhiker last night in chat and how she had to be a hybrid in order to be violent.

The Legend of The Hitchhiker (As told and repeated in Arizona) is as follows:

A guy is driving down some random back road in the middle of the night. He sees a girl by the side of the road hitchhiking and pulls over and lets her in. She says she lives at some old house or something out at the end of the road. They talk and he drops her off at her house. Driving back he notices that she left something, usually a sweater but sometimes a shoe or something, and turns around to drive it back to the house. He pulls up to the house and knocks on the door. Some old lady answers and he asks for the young girl. The old lady says that she died thirty years ago, usually in a car crash on the way home from a dance. Creepy? Yes. Scary? Notsomuch.

I totally always thought that that was a wide-spread one like the Hookman or The Babysitter or something. Apparently though it's one of those ones that's mainly in the Southwest. Which makes sense because there's always been a lot of prisons out here and because of that there's always been a lot of trouble with picking up escaped convicts and such.

Might I add that the PBFE round 2 is still going to kick my ass hard.
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